Call of Duty, here’s how to get a free skin

2020 will certainly be a year to remember for one of the most famous and played first-person shooters in the world: we are talking about Call of Duty , which in the two new episodes “Warzone” and “Mobile” has been able to attract the attention of millions of gamer, becoming one of the most followed titles ever on Twitch.

Activision’s bestseller, which in the new version “Warzone” has recorded about 60 million downloads, in the last few hours has been further talked about due to a welcome surprise that can be unlocked in case the gamer is in possession of both games, respectively on PC / console (Call of Duty: Warzone) and on smartphone (Call of Duty: Mobile).

The gift in question is a free skin to be used freely to customize the avatar of our soldier: getting it is very simple, just access the two titles from the same account with which we registered for the game.

Within a couple of hours, we will receive the skin to add to our personal collection, which among primary weapons, characters, grenades and specific skins for Battle Royale should already be large enough, considering the fact that a few months have passed since the launch of the title.

A surprise that Activision has decided to add as a bonus to the already interesting number of updates intended for Call of Duty Mobile, which by the end of 2020 could be accompanied by an additional mobile app: according to the latest news, it could turn out to be the companion app of Call of Duty Warzone, or a new stand-alone game, focused on the world of zombies.

Waiting for official information on the new chapter for smartphones of Call of Duty, we hope that the improvements introduced also involve the cross-play system between gamers, which could allow fights to the death between Android and iOS users, exactly as happens between PC-Xbox-PS4 players on Warzone: is the ultimate battle royale around the corner?


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