Zinc;properties, functions and benefits

Zinc is an important mineral for our body.It is an antioxidant, that strengthens the immune system. It is useful for the proper function of insulin and hormones. It is also useful for nails and hair.Zinc is important for the immune system, for the perfect functioning of hormones, including sexual and growth hormones, as well as for sight, smell and memory. A deficiency of this mineral could lead to delays in the growth of children, skin lesions, anorexia, depression, tiredness, hair loss and vision problems.

Zinc has about 300 beneficial properties for our entire body.

  • It has a great growth function: it stimulates GH and Testosterone.
  • At the level of the immune system it delays the atrophy of the TIMO. T lymphocytes are produced by Thymus.
  • According to the integration dosages we are going to stimulate:
  • For 2-3 months at 5-7 mg we will stimulate the production of TH1 (anticancer and antiviral antibodies )
  • For 2-3 months 15mg we will increase TH2 (antibacterial antibodies)
  • A balanced lymphocyte dish is obtained with 7.5 mg for 2-3 months
  • Its deficiency causes tumor predisposition due to decreased defenses.
  • It intervenes in the activation of the delta6daturase enzyme (prostaglandin system): the symptoms are stretch marks , wrinkles (also due to the lack of retinol) white spots on the nailssensory deficits (smell and taste)
  • In lung subjects it is easy to associate Zn deficiency
  • It contributes to the correct formation of the spermatic fluid:therefore its scarcity can be the cause of infertility.
  • Its deficiency causes the creation of malfunctioning insulin(insulin resistance syndrome), the high level of insulin consequent transforms the sugars into triglycerides combined with a lowering of the HDL and a rise in LDL
  • HmgCoa Redattase: an enzyme activated by insulin that increases LDL
  • Glucose together with Chromium and vitamin B3 intervenes in the intolerance factor
  • According to Pfeiffer’s study, 90% of mental illnesses are due to biochemical deficiencies . In many cases of severe depression there is a leak from the urine of Zn and vitamin B6 (pielouria): giving Zn and B6 back to the depressed !!
  • Stimulates osteoblasts and osteocytes: synergy with Ca, with attention to Zn doses
  • Antioxidant action : SOD (super oxide dismutase) depends on Zn.

Healing properties of zinc
Important for the immune system : zinc is essential for maintaining the immune system. A deficiency could weaken the body especially of the elderly and girls and cause pneumonia and infections. It also helps prevent colds.

Counteracts free radicals : fighting the harmful effects of free radicals helps to delay premature aging by protecting the skin but also the muscles.

Helps to heal wounds : good quantities of zinc are necessary for perfect and fast healing of wounds, including internal ones, such as ulcers. Zinc is also useful for fighting acne and eczema.

Useful to eye health : zinc helps to prevent and block macular degeneration, a pathology of vision that mainly affects the elderly. It also improves night vision.

Promotes hair regrowth and strengthens nails : taking the right doses of zinc is also good for hair. Not only does it make them stronger and more resistant but it also helps regrowth in case of alopecia. It is also good for nails: a zinc deficiency causes small white spots to appear which disappear if we reach the right levels of zinc, making them even stronger.

Effective against diabetes : zinc is useful for regulating insulin levels by reducing blood glucose.

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