What is Zinc Oxide Tape?

Zinc oxide tape is a product generally used to prevent sports injuries, protect injuries, and help cuts heal faster. It is often applied by athletes to protect the knee, wrist, ankle, or other joints in the body, and can support muscle to stabilize injured ligaments. The tape usually remains intact when worn for a long time and can also tolerate moisture. Typically conforming to the area where it is applied, zinc oxide tape is normally sticky and does not iron. If it is wrapped around large muscles during the activity, then, blood flow disturbances and restriction may occur.

There are various brands of zinc oxide tape, but most of the time it comes in rolls. The tape may need to be cut with scissors, but sometimes the edges are perforated, so pieces can be torn by hand. A choice of widths and lengths is usually available, while the package size is often selectable based on what is required. Many sporting goods stores and even online retailers sell the tape and other zinc oxide products.

During sports activities, or if in conditions where the feet are vulnerable, the tape can be applied sports to avoid bubbles. The product generally incorporates other uses of zinc oxide, particularly its potential for helping wounds heal. Researchers have discovered that zinc can be absorbed by the skin, bones and pancreas. In a wound, scientists think it could help synthesize proteins and contribute to cellular metabolism for tissue repair. Zinc oxide tape and similar seasonings are often used on burns, leg ulcers, and fingertip injuries; substances can also be absorbed into the body directly from the product.

The tape has often been used on wounds that don € t heal or are in places that are exposed to pressure from movement and clothing. Researchers generally recommend its use on simple cuts and bruises, and to apply after the initial bleeding has stopped. Zinc oxide tape is generally not painful to apply or remove. Manual workers can use it after being injured and often return to work after the material is placed on a wound.

Compared to other types of sports tape, such as medicated gauze for example, zinc oxide tape is generally inexpensive. It can also protect wounds without getting in the way of the hand or foot function. While the tape is generally beneficial, exercises and other therapies may still be needed during healing, so a combination of treatments is sometimes needed.

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