YouTube Shorts:How it works

The other day, talking to some friends, the name of YouTube Shorts came out : a YouTube feature that seems to be focused on short videos but which, until then, you had never heard of. You have therefore decided to remedy the thing and to look for what YouTube Shorts is and how it works on the web, thus ending up on this tutorial of mine.

What to say? You got it right! In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain to you what the YouTube Shorts function consists of and I will explain in detail how to use it, so that you too can create content through it (and view those created by other users of the platform). You just have to stick to the instructions I will give you and you will see that everything will be very easy.

I would say, therefore, to put aside the chatter and get into the heart of the guide. Whether you have an Android device, an Apple device, take just a few minutes and you will be able to master the YouTube Shorts perfectly! Enjoy your reading and have fun!


  • YouTube Shorts: what it is
  • YouTube Shorts: how it works
    • How to Create Video Shorts
    • How to watch Shorts video
    • How to remove YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts: what it is

First let ‘s see what YouTube Shorts is and what this functionality of the famous video platform offers. As I mentioned earlier, Shorts is a YouTube feature introduced in 2021, thanks to which you can make short videos , up to 60 seconds , using the camera of your mobile device directly.

The Shorts function was somehow “inspired” by the TikTok platform (which, to be honest, also “inspired” Instagram for the birth of the Reels function ) and was designed to enrich YouTube with short, fun, “fresh” content and impact.

At the time of writing, the YouTube Shorts feature is available to all users of the YouTube app for Android and iOS / iPadOS : Google has staked so much on this feature that it has introduced a section entirely dedicated to YouTube in the official YouTube app. Shorts, in order to stimulate the vision. It is not known, however, if and when it will also be released for the web version of YouTube

I also want to tell you that at the time of writing the feature is still in a beta testing phase . This means that there may be some minor malfunctions and changes on the part of YouTube regarding the use of the same.

YouTube Shorts: how it works

Now that you understand better what it is, it’s time to find out how YouTube Shorts also works . In the next chapters you can find out by learning how to create, view and delete videos made using the aforementioned function.

Note: if the Shorts function does not appear to be present on your device, try updating the YouTube app .

How to Create Video Shorts

Creating video Shorts is very simple: just start the creation of a new content, select the function in question and start recording the video.

Then, access your YouTube account using the YouTube app for Android or iOS / iPadOS , press the (+) button at the bottom of the screen (in the center) and select the item Create a Short .

At this point you should find yourself in front of the screen that allows you to create a Short: tap on the number located above the Rec button , if you want to change the duration of the video (you can opt for 15 seconds or 60 seconds ); if you want, also customize the speed of the movie by pressing on the appropriate wording (the icon (1x) located at the top right) and choose one of the available options between 0.3 × , 0.5 × , 1 × , 2 × and 3 × .

Subsequently, decide whether to add background music (option that forces you to set the video to a maximum of 15 seconds) by tapping on the Add music item at the top, selecting the song of your interest and then pressing the arrow pointing to the right that appears at the latter.

Now, decide whether to use the front or rear camera of your device: you can change it by pressing on the symbol of the two circular arrows at the top right. When you’re ready to start, start recording your video by pressing the Rec button (the red dot at the bottom). Then, if you want to stop the registration before the standard deadline, tap the Stop button (the red square appeared at the bottom).

Then, in the new screen that opened, edit the video by adding (if you want) music , text , filters and customize the sequence of the video using the buttons located at the bottom.

When you are ready to publish the content on YouTube, press the Next button (top right), describe your short video (I suggest you insert #Shortboth in the title and in the description of the movie, so as to index it better) and, after having also defined the public to which to show it, specifying whether the content is also suitable for children, set its visibility ( Public , to make it visible to all; Not in the list , to make it visible only to those who receive the link to the content or Private , to be able to see only you and the people you decide to show it to). Finally, click on the buttonUpload (top right) to post it. Easy, right?

In addition to creating content, would you like to know how to see Shorts videos made by other users? I’ll explain how to do it right away. After logging in to YouTube from the official app of the service for Android or iOS / iPadOS , press the Shorts button (bottom left) and scroll through the contents offered by YouTube. That’s all.

If you want, using the buttons located on the left, you can like or dislike one of the proposed contents, leave a comment (by pressing on the cartoon symbol and writing it with the keyboard) or share the video, using the Share button .

How to remove YouTube Shorts

I conclude the guide by explaining how to delete YouTube Shorts . If you uploaded a video and now regret it, know that you can remove it quite easily. You can act both from mobile and from computer.

  • From mobile– access YouTube from the official app of the service for Android or iOS / iPadOS , tap on your profile photo (top right), press the word Your channel , press the Manage video button , press the icon of the three vertical dots located in correspondence of the Short you want to delete and presses on the Delete item . Confirm the operation by answering Delete to the box that appeared in the center of the screen and that’s it.
  • From computer– access YouTube from its main page , click on your profile photo (top right) and select YouTube Studio> Contents . Then locate the Short video to delete, click on the three vertical dots icon next to it , select the item Delete permanently . To conclude, check the box I am aware of the fact that the deletion is final and irreversible in the box opened in the center of the page and confirm the operation by clicking again on the item Delete permanently


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