Your child’s favorite color says a lot about his personality

What is your child’s favorite color? Believe it or not, the psychology of color says much more about us than we think … And also about your children. Young children want what they want when they want it. Have you ever tried to tell a child “no” when they want to wear a specific item of clothing? Was that outfit perhaps orange from head to toe, your son’s favorite color?

If you say no, he may throw a tantrum… He wants to wear orange and doesn’t want another color right now! Why? What does that color that your child likes so much means and what does it tell you about his personality?

Color theory

As adults, we can rationalize decisions based on what we know is best for us, but young children  live in a world of their own where they make the rules while learning about ours. This also applies to the psychology of color theory.

Do you want to know why young children get so attached to specific colors? Colors are like food for children. From a color theory perspective, every child is drawn to the colors they need emotionally at the time, and there is no problem if boys or girls get ‘stuck’ on certain colors as their favorites. Sometimes a particular color makes a child feel good because it calms them down.

Some colors like aquamarine or light blue can be calming, although other children may be more attracted to warmer colors like red or orange. It all depends on the specific needs of the child.

Colors can be symbolic

Also, the colors can be symbolic or representative, for example, the heart represents love and is more related to pink and green. So a love-focused girl may want to wear her pink princess dress in nursery school but then in third grade, when she likes unicorns, fairies, and mystical objects more, change her favorite color to purple.

Even adults can change color preferences throughout their lives. So if a child seems to be stuck on a certain favorite color, they may prefer another over time. In the meantime, here we bring you a practical guide with a bit of information on what your child’s favorite color says about him right now.

Child’s Color and Personality Guide

▪ Red

Young children tend to like the color red a lot since they have a strong character. They are the ones who want something and want it right then and there. This color is also often preferred among the most outgoing children.

▪ Blue

Calmer and more serene people tend to opt for the color blue. Cold colors like the blue of the ocean and the sky are calming. Young children who like blue are probably quite calm.

▪ Green

The most tender and affectionate children usually choose green as their favorite color. These children tend to seek security and be loyal to the people they love. They tend to have long-lasting friendships.

▪ Pink

The color pink is usually chosen by capricious and playful children. Young children who like pink tend to have a lot of imagination. Fun is the most important thing for these children. These qualities are also present in adults who like this color.

▪ Purple

Young children tend to like purple, they are budding artists! They tend to always think a little further, have a lot of imagination and like to come up with creative ideas whenever some kind of conflict arises. They have a certain sensitivity that other children do not have.

▪ Orange

Children who like orange are usually friendly and social by nature. Little ones who love orange often enjoy being the center of attention. They like to have fun, have fun and also, the more they look at them, the more they enjoy.

▪ Yellow

Yellow is the color of thinkers. Young children who like yellow are often good at planning and strategizing. Even if that just means you know how to organize your toys today… tomorrow you will be an amazing thinker… time to time!

▪ Black

Yes, young children may also like the color black. This type of color suggests a personality prone to a bad mood. Although it is also a sign of elegance, sophistication and sensitivity.


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