Yolanda Brito Alvarez

Yolanda C. Brito Álvarez . Graduated in Philology at the University of Havana . He has deeply investigated storytellers and poets , including the former National Poet Agustín Acosta and others.


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He was born on 28 November as as 1948 in Agramonte (Jagüey Grande) , Matanzas , Cuba .


She graduated from Philology at the University of Havana ( 1986 ), and from Pedagogy at the Universidad Evangélica Latinoamericana de Costa Rica ( UNELA ), ( 2007 ).


He worked as a specialist in different lines of the Culture sector for more than 40 years. First, in Houses of Culture , with the Movement of Artists Lovers of Literature , with favorable results especially in the consolidation of literary workshops and, later, as Director of the “Antonio Maceo” Library , of the municipality of Jagüey Grande, a center that he maintained as the National Vanguard throughout his leadership period. One of its most relevant merits is having created and sustained the Limón Limonero Children’s Creation Workshop, for 28 years, a quarry where dozens of girls and boys came to read, create and publish their magazine of the same name, which he toured the country and interenacionales many areas, such as the public library system in Chile and the Book Fair of Guadalajara . Under his advice, the Ideas Literary Magazine was published , from 1986 to 1989 , as well as countless bulletins , plaquets and other literary works for both adults and children.Researcher and literary critic, she has also stood out for the rescue and publication of the life and work of the former Cuban National Poet Agustín Acosta y Bello , of whom she is her most diligent specialist. He has also ventured into other writers related to the territory, such as the member of Grupo Origen , Lorenzo García Vega ; the intellectual and poet Armando Dumont , etc. At the same time, she has carried out a strong job as initiator and coordinator of Popular Education workshops in the territory, since since 1996 she has been linked to the “Martin Luther King” Center in Havana. Write essays , poetry andtenths , he is a member of the “Rolando Escardó” Literary Workshop, from Jagüey Grande .


He has received provincial and national recognitions for his performance, including:

  • Diploma for the Centennial of the Golden Age , awarded by the Ministry of Culture in 1989 , to a group of prominent personalities in working with girls and boys .
  • The Laureate Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture .
  • Distinction for Quality in Culture .
  • “Elena Gil” International Distinction awarded by the “Félix Varela” Center , for her contributions to the ethics and aesthetics of the new generations, among others.
  • He has represented Cuba in international projects and congresses in Canada , Chile , Ecuador , Venezuela , Mexico , Argentina , Uruguay , etc., and in other events inside and outside the country.
  • National Vanguard of the Union of Cultural Workers for ten years and of the ANIR for two. She was systematically selected as the best team in the municipality and the province. It enjoys wide local, provincial and national prestige.
  • It appears among the personalities of the culture in Matanzas .

Work done

He is currently writing and researching and has several books in the process of being published. Collaborate in activities and cultural events that are invited. She participates as coordinator in the program: Women and Gender of the Council of Churches of Cuba and in the children’s project: “Amanecer” , contributing to the formation of identity and ethical and spiritual values ​​of its participants. He does not participate in competitions or competitive contests and feels great admiration for Cuban literature .


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