Why is Yellow Team the “worst” of Fall Guys?

Fall Guys and memes go together like peanut butter and jelly, with the hot new battle royale game making the rounds on Reddit and social media. Many are comparing the clumsy and chaotic performances of the Fall Guys holders with the humanities that drag and stumble into 2020, which many memes make fun of. Other memes vent frustrations on certain levels, such as the controversial See Saw map. Another popular type of Fall Guys meme targets team play modes, where the Yellow Squad is specifically designated as the “worst”. Here’s what you need to know about why Yellow Team is the “worst” in Fall Guys.

Why is yellow the “worst” color team in Fall Guys?

In Fall Guys, the yellow team is now considered the “worst” because it is now the goal (common strategy in the community) to join the yellow players to eliminate them from team games.

With the red, green and blue teams working together to prevent the yellow team from winning, they can almost guarantee a win. If the yellow team continues to be avoided in this way, it will become even more difficult for the yellow boys of the fall to secure a win.

The Fall Guys official Twitter account doesn’t help matters, as it continues to post memes mocking the yellow team:

While the yellow team isn’t the worst due to balance issues, the odds are certainly starting to pile up against them in the meta. If you find yourself assigned a yellow suit, you may find that team games become a little more difficult to complete.

Let’s hope this doesn’t get too wild and become a significant problem!


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