What Writers Have Immortalized Greylock Mountain ?

The rugged beauty of Greylock Mountain,Massachusetts, has been sung by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry David Thoreau, William Cullen Bryant, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Fanny Kemble. The summit of the mountain had for Hawthorne a peculiar fascination. From the streets of Williamstown, from all the ways by which he sauntered through the countryside, his eyes were continually turning to that lofty height, observant of its ever-changing aspects, during his three years’ residence at Lenox, and his visits to the Berkshires.

Emerson thought Greylock, viewed from the village of Williamstown, Massachusetts, “ a serious mountain.” Thoreau considered its proximity to Williams College worth at least “ one endowed professorship. It were as well to be educated in the shadow of a mountain as in more classic shades. Some will remember, no doubt, not only that they went to college, but that they went to the mountain.” The scenes hereabout stirred in William Cullen Bryant that intense love of nature which inspired his best poems.

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