What is WPS;How does WPS work?

WPS is an acronym in English that stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup . It is a security standard for wireless networks that makes it easy to connect devices to the Wi-Fi network.The advantage of WPS is practicality, as it allows the connection to be made without the need to enter the password . However, it has the disadvantage of making the network more vulnerable to external attacks.

How does WPS work?

When you want to connect a device to a Wi-Fi network that is not open – as is the case with networks in public places – we usually need the network password to make the connection.

The WPS feature was developed to facilitate this process and is available on most routers. When using WPS, the connection is made automatically and there is no need to enter the network password.

To make this automatic connection, just press the router’s WPS button. The router then communicates with the device that is looking for the network and makes the connection without having to enter the password.

For this procedure to be performed it is necessary that the router has the WPS function and also that the device allows this connection. In the case of smartphones , for example, this connection is only possible with Android operating system devices .

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Disadvantage of WPS

For the WPS to work, your router uses an eight-number code, which is recorded in the device’s memory. Because it is simple code – numeric only – it becomes more susceptible to hacker attacks .

These intrusions are dangerous, because when accessing a Wi-Fi network, the hacker will not only have access to the internet, but to everything that goes through the network.

Thus, it is recommended that the WPS function of the routers remain disabled . For network security, it is preferable to use WPA and WPA2 standards, which require a password to access.

What is WPA and WPA2?

WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access and are security standards for wireless networks. Both are used today, but WPA2 is an evolution of WPA in terms of security, that is, it is a standard that offers more security against attacks.

These standards are used for cases of Wi-Fi networks that require a password to access. But for a password to be really strong, it is necessary to combine upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers. That is, to be truly secure, the password must be complex.

The WPS standard exists for cases where you want to facilitate access to networks with this security standard, because when you enable this feature, the connection is made automatically and it is not necessary to enter the security key.

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