What was the world’s first chocolate

You probably won’t believe it, but the taste of the world ‘s first chocolate was quite different from what it is today. Starting with sugar that was not added to recipes with cocoa, the main raw material of the delicacy.

The result was an extremely bitter drink, which was taken as a medicine to combat tiredness and also as an aphrodisiac. See in this article now, all the information of this ingredient so popular and delicious.

History of chocolate

The main raw material for chocolate is the fruit of Theobroma cacao. She is native to Mexico and started to become popular after Europeans arrived in the Americas. But well before that there were already records of the use of cocoa in the years from 1,100 to 1,400 BC

Italy and France were the first countries to massively produce chocolate (Photo: depositphotos)

Initially, cocoa was used in the liquid version, and it was not until many years later that it became considered a food. Scholars researched cocoa residues in old containers. Which leads one to believe that chocolate in its initial version was used by the ancient inhabitants of Latin America, such as the Maya and Aztecs .

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Over the years, the Maya began to use cocoa beans as a bargaining chip . But later on, the Aztecs even paid taxes on this ingredient. For hundreds of years, the cocoa-based drink was considered elite and was also used to give more energy to soldiers .

Around the year 1500, Europeans in their travels ended up discovering cocoa beans. And it was precisely at that time that Spaniard Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec civilization, in 1519, that the ingredient gained more notoriety.

For the Spaniards the taste of the drink was very bitter and they started to add cinnamon, sugar and anise. To transport the ingredient to Europe or to distant places, they pressed the powder in tablet form in Mexico. And it was the beginning of the world’s first chocolate .

Marketing of the world’s first chocolate

European countries used their colonies to plant cocoa (Photo: depositphotos)

In 1585 it is known that the first commercial transport of cocoa to Seville, Spain. The Spaniards did a lot of business with the delight and also introduced it to Italy, in the early 15th century, and France.

And it was these European countries that hosted the first chocolate houses , importing cocoa from Central American countries.

However, as demand increased, the Spaniards took the seeds of Theobroma cacao to Ecuador and Venezuela. With similar climatic conditions and high use of slave labor, its development in the regions was abundant.

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Soon, other European countries began to plant cocoa in their colonies in tropical climates. The increased supply caused the price of cocoa to fall a little more.

The word chocolate was first used commercially in 1659 when a French document proved that David Chaliou manufactured a composition called chocolate.

Years later, also in Central America, some inhabitants started to mix chocolate with milk and the formula started to be sold.

In the 17th century, Spain was already abandoning its status as the largest cocoa producer. And Brazil assumed this position with the production of the Amazon and regions of Maranhão under the Portuguese domain . And so it remained until the 20th century.

Popularization of chocolate in the world

The 19th and 20th centuries were crucial for adapting chocolate to the palate. The offer also allowed prices to fall further and the population to have access to the product.

At that time, big businessmen became interested in cocoa production. Cocoa production became more sophisticated and, in 1849, an Englishman named Joseph Fry produced the first edible chocolate bar shortly after the creation of cocoa powder as we know it today.

Famous surnames like Nestlé and Lindt started to produce milk chocolate . A way to make the taste even more pleasant and smooth. The first chocolate candies started to appear in 1867.

In 1913, white chocolate was created that carried cocoa butter and vanilla. In the years of the first world war, this food was extremely important to give calories to the severely damaged soldiers during the fighting.

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In the 1940s, M & Ms and then the American Hershey’s and the English Cadbury appeared. It was the popularization of the first world outside.

Types of chocolate

The first chocolate candies started to appear in 1867 (Photo: depositphotos)

Currently, there are several types of chocolate marketed. The main raw material remains cocoa. Look.

Milk chocolate

It is the most traditional form of sweet. It has milk as an adjunct ingredient to cocoa and takes sugar. Its flavor is sweet.

Bitter chocolate

The cocoa beans are roasted and do not take milk. But there are variations ranging from less bitter to 100% cocoa. Of all types of chocolate it is the healthiest, thanks to the minimum amount of sugar.

White chocolate

This is the type of chocolate with the most fat, therefore, the least healthy . Its composition was developed in 1913 with cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vanilla.

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Chocolate couverture

This type of chocolate appeared in France and its greatest feature is that it is rich in cocoa butter. It is specific to be used in recipes and by master chocolate makers.

Chocolate diet

This chocolate has sugar replaced by sorbitol and saccharin and is consumed by people with blood glucose problems.

Chocolate blend

The blend chocolate is a mixture of milk chocolate and bitter. Making the middle ground between the flavors.

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Noble chocolate

This type of chocolate has a lot of cocoa butter. It exists in milk, bitter, white and blend versions. Because of this percentage, this is one of the most expensive types of candy.

Hydrogenated chocolate

This chocolate has cocoa butter replaced by hydrogenated vegetable oil . The result is the opposite of noble chocolate. It becomes cheaper and its flavor is also influenced. It is widely used in the production of toppings and desserts, as it is easier to handle and does not need tempering. There are also milk, bitter and even colored versions.

Fractionated chocolate

It is another type of chocolate made for toppings and does not need tempering. It is considered more sophisticated than hydrogenated because it dries faster and has superior texture and flavor.

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