Working Woman Bonus;Everything you need to know about

The Working Woman bonus is a benefit in recognition of the worthy effort and performance of Chilean working women. It is granted by the State, through the Ministry of Social Development of Chile, in particular, this voucher seeks to protect women who belong to vulnerable families. If you are a working woman, we will tell you how to apply for the Working Woman bonus and the requirements you must meet.

How can I apply for the Working Woman Bonus and what requirements do I need to meet?

Everything you need to know about the Working Woman Bonus

The Working Woman bonus consists of an annual benefit , although you can also request monthly advances as an advance of the annual payment . You can access up to 75% of the total amount of the bonus, the remaining 25% is reserved for annual payment or re-liquidation. The bonus applies to both dependent and independent workers. The allowed age range is between 25 and 59 years old.

The Working Woman bonus is taken into account as part of the Ethical Family Income . Its purpose is to recognize the efforts of working women.

Who must cope with inequality and other difficult conditions in the labor market. In addition, they must belong to 40% of Chilean families with a vulnerable situation. The Ministry of Social Development is in charge of measuring those who meet the conditions to apply for the benefit.

The amount awarded will depend on the income you receive and begins to be paid 2 months after applying for the benefit . It can be paid in cash or through a bank account, it will depend on the option you have chosen when registering and applying.

If you choose the cash option, you must go to Banco Estado or ServiEstado. You must provide your valid identity card to be able to collect. All procedures are free and quite simple to carry out.

A relevant aspect is that the Working Woman Bonus is also paid to the employer . This measure seeks to generate better and greater conditions of access to work for women. As well as encouraging the labor market to include women as workers and curb inequality.

How to apply for the Working Woman bonus

You can apply for the Working Woman bonus in any month of the year. The first thing you should do is access the official SENCE website and choose the option “apply here”.

It will send you to a new window where you must enter your RUT and password. If it is the first time to enter you must choose the option “Register”. Registration is completely free and you must complete all the information requested when accessing in order to apply.

You will receive the response to the application request through the email provided in the registry. It can also be done by text message or by registered letter. The approximate response time is 90 days after the application date .

Requirements to apply

You must meet some minimum requirements and have the necessary documentation . The first requirement is to be a dependent or independent worker, as well as keeping the Social Security and Health contributions up to date. In case of being a dependent worker, these are the requirements:

  • Be between 25 and 59 years old with 11 months.
  • Belonging to 40% of the vulnerable population of Chile, established by the Social Household Registry (RSH).
  • Have a gross income of less than 5 million 543 thousand 261 pesos during the year in which you receive the bonus.
  • You must not be a worker of the State or of companies with a public participation greater than 50%.

In the case of independent workers, they must meet the same requirements mentioned above. The only difference is that they must credit their income through the SII during the calendar year, in which you have requested the hard-working and fighting woman bonus Later you can check the website to know the status of when you will receive the payment . Now you know everything about this benefit, the requirements and how you can apply.


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