Win Out │ What does this phrasal verb mean?

Win out is a verb that essentially means the same as win – that is, “to win”, “to win”.

However, the preposition out adds an important nuance to the verb: thus, win out not only means “to win”, but rather “to win after a long dispute” or “to win with difficulty”.

In practice, I found two convincing ways to translate win out : “end up winning” and “prevail”.

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Let’s go to the examples?

It was a challenge, but we won out in the end.
It was a challenge, but in the end we ended up winning .

The more cautious approach won out in the end.
The more cautious approach eventually prevailed .

Greed won out over principles.
Greed eventually won out over principles.

Sometimes perseverance does win out .
Sometimes perseverance really prevails .

Stick to your principles, and you will win out .
Stick to your principles and you will prevail .

Here is a chance for greengrocers to win out over the supermarkets by selling local produce.
Here’s a chance for grocers to prevail over supermarkets selling local vegetables.

Often presentation wins out over content.
Often presentation takes precedence over content.

We had a vote, and this is the yearbook cover that won out .
We had a vote and this is the yearbook cover that won .

She was sure she’d win out if she persisted.
She was sure she would prevail if she persisted.

After a two-year battle in the courts, she eventually won out .
After a two-year battle in the courts, she eventually won .

Maybe you have another suggestion on how to translate win out ? Don’t be shy: we’re waiting for you in the comments!

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