Drink Up | What does this phrasal verb mean?

The verb drink is one of the first ones we learn in English. It means “drink” and, along with eat , it is widely used in the everyday lives of English-speakers. But, have you ever heard the phrasal verb drink up ? What does it mean?

Drink up means “drink all” or “drink all” liquid, whether water, coffee, juice, beer etc. As a matter of fact, when it comes mainly to alcoholic beverages, the interjection drink up can be translated as “overturning the glass”, in other words, drinking all its contents at once.

Below, let’s see phrases with drink up in these two possible translations, remembering that drink is an irregular verb and its past tense is drank .

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1 – Let’s start with drink up meaning “drink all” or “drink all” liquid:

This smoothie is gross — I really can’t drink it up .
This vitamin is disgusting — I really can’t drink it all .

I gave the cat some milk and she drank it all up .
I gave the cat some milk and she drank it all .

They drank up and began to walk out.
They drank it all down and started to leave. (Read the Walk Out post | What does this phrasal verb mean? )

They drink up all the orange juice.
They drank all the orange juice.

She drank up her brandy and signaled to the waiter to bring another.
She drank all the whiskey and signaled the waiter to bring another one.

Who drunk all the root beer up ?
Who drank all the non-alcoholic beer?

She drank the coffee up and set the cup on the counter.
She drank all the coffee and placed the cup on the counter.

The kid drink up his milk and asked for more.
The child drank all his milk and asked for more.

Drink up your milk, dear. We don’t want it to go to waste.
Drink all your milk, darling. We don’t want to waste it.

2 – Now, see drink up meaning “overturn the glass”:

Drink up ! You only turn 21 once!
Pour the cup ! You only turn 21 once!

Drink up , and I’ll get us another round.
Pour the cup and I’ll get us another round.

Drink up ! It’s time to go.
Pour the cup ! Time to go.

Come on, drink up . I want to go home.
Come on, pour the cup . I want to go home.

Here’s a glass of the vineyard’s latest wine. Drink up !
Here is a glass of the winery’s newest wine. Pour the cup !

Okay, drink up ! It’s closing time.
All right, spill the cup ! It’s time to close.

Nice! Now we know all about phrasal verb drink up . But be careful not to drink too much, otherwise you will need to do what the phrasal verb Sober Up means ! See you next time!

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