Why the WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery – Solution

WhatsApp is a platform for multi-system mobile devices that completely dominates the world of messaging applications. Through this useful app we can communicate, send messages,  send mass messages , send notes and much more, but there are also problems such as the fact that WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery , something that we will deal with today.

Why WhatsApp Photos are not Saved in Gallery – Solution

In WhatsApp you can communicate through the classic texts of a lifetime, but also through other useful methods. Today it is very popular to use voice notes and share multimedia content, as is the case with photos.

WhatsApp allows you to send a lot of photos , but some users complain about problems such as the WhatsApp photos not being saved in the gallery . Still, most of these problems can be solved very easily.

Why aren’t WhatsApp photos saved in gallery?

Many get frustrated when problems like the one we discussed arise, but fortunately today the applications have very comprehensive configuration options. Yes, indeed in most cases the problems of WhatsApp photos are due to bad settings.

Activate photo display when WhatsApp photos are not saved in gallery

If you want to see the photos you download on WhatsApp, follow our step-by-step guide:

  • First go to the application.
  • After this, click on the three points located in the upper right part of the App screen.
  • A tab with different options will jump, click on Settings or Configuration.
  • Find the Chats section, click on that option.
  • Once in the Chats options, locate Visibility of multimedia files , make sure that this option is activated, otherwise activate it.

Activating this option will ensure that all the photos you receive on WhatsApp appear in your gallery, so that you can view them normally within the default application of your mobile. It is the option that you must activate in case the WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery properly.

It should be noted that the problem also arises when the user uses the option to disable photo downloads in WhatsApp , so it is good to realize that this is not the case.

Enable viewing of photos of a specific chat in your gallery

In addition to the previous option, WhatsApp also allows the activation or deactivation of the viewing of photos in the gallery for specific chats. This is especially useful for those chats in which you are not interested in their multimedia content, something especially useful for large group chats.

To deactivate the photos of a specific follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Go to the specific chat in which you want to deactivate the photos in your gallery.
  • Click on the three points located in the upper right part of the chat.
  • Click on View Contact or Group Info (depending on whether it is a group or individual chat).
  • Locate the option Visibility of multimedia files and click on it.
  • A screen will jump to ask if you want to show the photos of the chat in your gallery. You will have three options, the default, yes or no.
  • By clicking on Yes you will enable the option to show the chat photos in the gallery, on the contrary, the No option makes these photos remain hidden.

As we mentioned, this option is especially useful for those chats in which content that doesn’t interest you is sent.

With this option you can define from which chats you want to hide the photos or enable them. In addition to this, WhatsApp photos and videos can also be hidden from the Android gallery,  so you can have precise control over spam and what you want to see.

Keep your WhatsApp organized

Having total control of our devices allows us to configure it to our liking and demands. In the case of WhatsApp photos, it might be convenient to disable the storage of some chats to avoid the excessive accumulation of photos that do not interest you.

On the other hand, for users who love photos, it is best to  enable backup copies in WhatsApp in this way, it will protect images and other relevant content within the application.

Finally, with the previous method you will enable the storage of the photos of the application in the gallery, greatly facilitating their access for any circumstance. In addition to the above, WhatsApp allows an extensive number of options and customization that could be convenient, information that you will find on this website.


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