Why isn’t Telegram sending me the code

If you have started the process to register in Telegram and you have entered your phone number and you are waiting for the code to validate your account and spend time and more time, but you do not receive anything, you will ask yourself: Why did Telegram not send me the code ? Very attentive because we tell you the reasons why this happens.

Telegram is one of the messaging applications that, although still behind WhatsApp, has more and more followers every day. In addition to being an excellent chat communication platform, it also has other interesting functions such as bots that serve to inform us about a certain topic.

If you have not used Telegram until now, but you have been bitten by the bug and want to join the platform, after downloading the application from Google Play or the App Store, open it and enter your mobile phone number . It is a process very similar to that of other applications such as WhatsApp.

You must then receive a code to activate and start using the platform. If time passes and you don’t receive anything, you may wonder: why isn’t Telegram sending me the code? There are several causes why this happens and that we will explain to you.

One of the most common causes is that there is a mistake in the phone number that you have entered and you have not noticed. It may also happen that you have run out of internet connection and cannot receive the code from the Telegram server.

It can also happen that at a certain moment the company’s servers have many requests and it takes some time to send you the code. If it does take more than an hour to arrive, this may not be the reason why you have not received the message with the code.


If you want to know what the Telegram confirmation code is and what it is for within the application, we will briefly explain it to you.

The Telegram confirmation code is the one that activates the messaging application . This code consists of five digits and is sent by text message (SMS) to the phone number you have previously indicated.

Without this activation code you cannot use the application so you must be very attentive when receiving it if you want to use Telegram as soon as possible.


Why won’t Telegram send me the code? ¿ What solutions can carry out to receive it ? We give you the answers.

If you have entered your mobile phone number wrong, you will not receive the code. To solve it you must verify number by number that your phone is correct and if not repeat the process and correct the failure as soon as possible.

In the event that your phone has become offline for some reason or because you are in a place with little coverage, it may be the reason why the message to activate Telegram does not reach you.

To solve any internet connection problem, we recommend activating airplane mode for a minute and deactivating it so that the device searches all the telephone networks again.

Then make a test call for example to a family member or visit a web page from your browser to see that the connection signal is correct. Then R epitomize the Telegram registration process to have the code sent to you again.


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