How to use “Remember me when sending a message” on iPhone or Mac

If you use iMessage, you will like this functionality very much, because today we want to tell you how to use “Remember me when sending a message” . This is a feature that is linked to the Apple Messages app, so you can associate reminders.

Use “Remember me when sending a message” on iPhone or Mac

Reminders are very much the order of the day, since they allow us to receive notifications of what interests us each day and quickly and comfortably. That is why this type of functionality is on the rise and users demand them, also linked to messaging apps, such as iMessage.

But what is this functionality? The truth is that this “remind me when sending a message” in Apple is an interesting feature. It works in such a way that you miss a reminder when sending a message to a contact .

If you want to put it into practice, these are the steps to follow:

From iOS, iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Reminders app
  2. Click on a reminder or add a new one
  3. Then click on the “i”
  4. Activate the “Remind me when sending a message” function
  5. Click on “Select person” and choose the contact you want to send it to
  6. Ok and done

When you do this, the moment you send a message to the chosen person, the reminder will skip; so that you have everything linked and at hand.

From Mac

On macOS, you have to do the following:

  1. Open the Reminders app
  2. Add a new one or choose an existing one
  3. Click on the “i”
  4. Activate the “When sending a message to someone” feature
  5. Click on “Add contact” and choose the contact to send
  6. Intro and you already have it

Just by following these steps you will have activated the functionality of remember me when sending a message from your Mac . You see that it is activated quickly and easily. It will take a moment and it will be of great help to you.

Now that you know how to use “Remember me when sending a message” in iOS or macOS, you just have to try it and tell us if it has helped you.

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