Why are people institutionalized?

People are social beings. Since long ago, the society itself is closed because of the people living. These people are a nation very far away. The physical capacity of man is also less. Humans have no horns, no sharp nails, no smooth lips to cut anything, no thick skin as hot or cold. There is nothing to defend and attack. Maybe even an ant bite can’t bear it.

People are waiting for the nation to help others. This is thought of as the reason for people living in the jungles to socialize.

People have to be social in order to protect their loved ones and protect themselves. And because of this sociality, at every moment, people have to live on any institutional obligation.

Different organizations have to stay in one hour at a time. Sometimes in a family name organization, sometimes in a school college, or sometimes under income-based institutions like offices, courts, businesses, commerce, banks, insurance, etc.

Again people sometimes find themselves involved in organizations like clubs, associations. Once again, institutions like parks, zoos and hospitals are surrounded. Someone is again involved with the political party. Many are affiliated with religious institutions like mosques, madrasas, temples and churches.

In fact, I or you or any person during his lifetime has been the recipient of the services of a company or a service head with other people.

As long as human beings exist, then people are some kind of organization that meets the needs of social, political, economic, religious, humanitarian or cultural, etc.

Individuals may sometimes seem to be without a family and society for the sake of independence, but a good review will show that they too are benefitting from some institution.

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Because of this deep connection of people with the institution, any human being, which is associated with those institutions, has an impact on those people.

The question of why people are institutionalized in the above discussion certainly shows how close the relationship between people and institutions is. From this, people can be specialized as institutionalist


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