Who Was The Younger Pope?

Throughout history, there have been examples of young gentlemen who have been chosen to be popes in what many of us would consider a tender age for that task. In reality, there are two documented distinctive cases in which the post was inherited and managed by adolescents. These young popes are explored below.

The four young popes of all times

Pope Benedict IX

Pope Benedict IX was the Pope three times separated between the years 1032 and 1048. The circumstances surrounding his papacy were judged unorthodox because he was given this post through an act of corruption. His father corrupted the people of the Roman Empire so as to allow his son to take the lead. He was ordered to become a Pope at an age between the ages of 11 and 20. It is documented as the only pope who held the post on three different occasions. His legacy as a pope did not end well because he is believed to have sold his papacy to his successor.

Pope John XII

This young man became pope at the age of 18. He reigned as pope for the period between the years 937 and 964.

Pope John XI

Pope John XI who became pope at the age of 20. He reigned from 931 until his death in 935. No one really knows the father of John XI while two men asked him for fatherhood. His mother was considered very powerful in Rome.

Pope Gregory V

This young personality began to serve in the church as a chaplain at an early age before he even became pope. He took the cloak of the papacy in the year 996 and ruled until 999 when he died. He was aged 24 years when he was given the title of Pope. Just like most of his predecessors, he too was elected by the royal family of the popes, which could explain why he was pope at such a young age.


The papacy, although it is a noble and dignified profession, has seen corruption and nepotism – a fact that takes shape in the existence of these young popes throughout history.

Who was the youngest pope?

degree Name of the Pope Age at Beginning of Palpacy
1 Pope Benedict IX Between 11 and 20
2 Pope John XII 18
3 Pope John XI 20
4 Pope Gregory V 24


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