Who was Noah?

Noah was the man God used to save humanity from the flood. He built an ark where he stayed with his family and many animals. After the flood, Noah’s family repopulated the land.

In Noah’s time, society was very corrupt. People only thought about doing evil all the time. God was very saddened by everything he saw and decided to destroy humanity ( Genesis 6: 5-7 ). But Noah was a righteous man, who obeyed God. So God decided to save Noah and his family.

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People in Noah’s day lived much longer. When Noah was about 500 years old, God told him to build a very large ark, because he would bring a flood to destroy the earth. Noah, his family and couples of all kinds of land animals were to enter the ark ( Genesis 6: 17-19 ). Only whoever was in the ark would be saved.

Noah did everything as God commanded and was a preacher ( 2 Peter 2: 5 ). But only his family believed him. It had never rained and no one trusted Noah’s word in the years when he built the ark. The people did not repent of their sins and did not enter the ark.

When Noah was 600 years old, the flood came. Noah, his wife, his three children and their wives entered the ark, along with all the animals and God closed the door . It rained for 40 days and everyone who was not in the ark drowned ( Genesis 7: 16-17 ). After the rain stopped, Noah remained in the ark for about a year, while the water covered the earth.

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When Noah left the ark he built an altar and offered sacrifices to God. God made a covenant with Noah, promising never to destroy the earth again with a flood. He created the rainbow as a sign of that promise ( Genesis 9: 13-15 ).

Noah was a farmer and, after the flood, he planted a vineyard and invented wine. Noah was also the first man to get drunk with wine. Drunk, he was naked inside his tent ( Genesis 9: 20-21 ). Her youngest son saw it and went to tell his brothers. But the two older brothers treated their father with respect and covered him. When Noah became sober, he blessed his two oldest children but cursed the youngest ( Genesis 9: 25-27 ).

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Noah’s sons had many descendants, which they scattered throughout the land. Noah lived long after the flood and died at 950 years old. He was known to be a man of faith, blessed by God ( Hebrews 11: 7 ).

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