Who was Mordecai?

Mordecai was Queen Esther’s cousin, whom he raised as his daughter. Mordecai was an important influence in Esther’s life and became a very important minister in the court of the king of Persia.

Mordecai was one of the Jews who had been exiled by the king of Babylon. He lived in Shushan, the capital of the Persian empire (which had conquered the Babylonian empire). His cousin Esther was an orphan, so he looked after her as if she were his daughter ( Esther 2: 5-7 ).

Mordecai and the king of Persia

When the king of Persia decided to look for a queen, Esther was chosen as one of the candidates. Mordecai warned Esther not to reveal that she was Jewish and tried to keep in touch with her ( Esther 2: 10-11 ). The good education that Mordecai gave Esther contributed to her being chosen as queen.

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One day Mordecai discovered a plan to assassinate King Xerxes ( Esther 2: 21-22 ). He told Esther everything, who warned the king of the danger, and the two conspirators were executed. This event was recorded in the official documents of the king.

Haman’s plan

Later, Mordecai angered Persia’s most powerful nobleman – Haman. All the palace officials prostrated themselves before Haman, but Mordecai refused to pay homage to him. Haman was very angry at Mordecai’s attitude. He decided to kill Mordecai and all the Jews! – Esther 3: 5-6

Haman convinced the king (who did not know that Esther was Jewish) that it would be a good idea to kill the Jews. He offered a lot of money and the king agreed. A royal decree was written, ordering the killing of all Jews in the empire ( Esther 3: 13-14 ).

When Mordecai heard about the decree he was devastated and refused to be consoled. When Esther asked what was going on, he told her everything and asked her to speak to the king, to change the screen. He trusted that God would bring deliverance ( Esther 4: 12-14 ). So Esther asked all of Susa’s Jews to fast before she spoke to the king. Mordecai did everything Esther asked.

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The victory of Mordecai and Esther

While Esther was preparing to tell the king everything, Haman decided to build a great gallows to kill Mordecai. But that night, the king read his records and discovered that Mordecai had not been rewarded for saving his life. In the morning, when Haman came to ask the king to hang Mordecai, the king sent Haman to honor Mordecai by dressing him as king and riding him through the city so that everyone would know that he had the king’s support ( Esther 6:10 -11 ). That day, instead of being killed, Mordecai was honored!

When Esther told the king everything, he had Haman hanged from the gallows he had built for Mordecai. The king gave Esther and Mordecai authority to write a new decree protecting the Jews. Mordecai was honored by the king and became his most important minister. He became very powerful and was greatly loved by the Jews because he cared for them ( Esther 10: 3-4 ).

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