Who was Ahab?

hab was a king of Israel, husband of Jezebel, who was condemned for his idolatry and wrongdoing. Ahab committed many sins and let his wife commit atrocities in Israel. The prophet Elijah lived in the time of King Ahab.

Ahab was a powerful and prosperous king, who did several major construction works. But he did what God reproves and promoted idolatry in Israel. Influenced by his wife, Ahab went on to worship the god Baal. The Bible says that he was worse than all the kings of Israel who came before him! – 1 Kings 16: 32-33

Because of Ahab’s sin, Elijah prophesied that it would not rain. After three years of drought, Elijah confronted Ahab for his sin and killed all the idolatrous priests in the country. Ahab returned home and told Jezebel what happened to kill Elijah ( 1 Kings 19: 1-2 ).

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Later, the king of Syria attacked Israel. Ahab tried to make a peace agreement but the demands of the king of Syria were too great. Then a prophet announced to Ahab that God was going to defeat the Syrian army. Ahab obeyed the orders of God, which he received from the prophet, and defeated the king of Syria in two great battles. Ahab captured the king of Syria but let him live and made a peace treaty with him. Then a prophet condemned Ahab, because the king of Syria was bad and deserved death. Ahab was very irritated by this message ( 1 Kings 20: 42-43 ).

The vineyard of Naboth

Some time later, Ahab tried to buy the vineyard from a man named Naboth. The vineyard was next to the king’s palace and he wanted to use it as a vegetable garden. But Naboth refused to sell the inheritance he had received from his parents. Ahab sulked, lay down on the bed and refused to eat. Jezebel rebuked Ahab for his childish attitude and engineered Naboth’s death ( 1 Kings 21: 7 ). When Ahab heard that Naboth was dead, he took possession of the vine without remorse.

Because of Ahab’s cruel and selfish attitude, Elijah prophesied that he and all the men in his family would be killed and the dogs would lick their blood in the place where they licked Naboth’s blood ( 1 Kings 21: 19-21 ). When Ahab heard this, he fasted and began to live in humility. Therefore, God did not destroy his family during his reign.

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Ahab’s death

After three years of peace, Ahab decided to join the king of Judah to attack Syria . Before going to battle, the two kings consulted the prophets, who assured them that they would win. But the king of Judah wanted another opinion. Ahab then sent for a prophet named Micaiah, although he did not like him, because he never prophesied anything good about Ahab ( 1 Kings 22: 8 ).

At first, Micaiah said they were going to be victorious but the king insisted that he not lie. Then Micaiah revealed that it was a trap, because God wanted Ahab to die. Angry, Ahab had Micaiah arrested until he returned from the battle ( 1 Kings 22: 26-27 ). Ahab went to battle in disguise, but an arrow thrown by chance hit him and he died of injury. The dogs licked their blood in the place where Naboth had died , just as Elijah had prophesied ( 1 Kings 22: 37-38 ). Later, his entire family was exterminated because of his sins.

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