Who invented email?

In today’s technological world, there is no person who is not familiar with electronic mail or email. In the modern era, the process of sending emails for sending messages is adopted everywhere whether it is a business, a world school or a government or non-government office.

Just as a letter is sent from one place to another place by post, today, through computer, letters or important documents are sent from one place to another. Any letter or message can be sent very quickly via email.

We all know why email is used and many businesses also get a lot of benefit from it. But do you know when and who invented the email? Or who are the searchers of the email?

Very few people will answer this, so today I thought why not inform you about who is the founder of the email? To know the answer, who has invented the email,  read this article completely.

Who invented email?

You will be very proud to know that the person who invented the email is an Indian and the name of the inventor of the email is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai , who is a US citizen of Indian origin.

Today, even without email, it seems difficult to walk the world. The email which has helped us in making the work easy and saving the cost of crores of paper can not be imagined.

Email is a way of sending letters from a computer or other device through an internet. This method is very easy and it can be sent from a smartphone other than a computer.

The creator of the email, Shiva Ayyadurai, was born in 1964 in a Tamil family living in Mumbai. At the age of 7, Siva settled in the US with his parents.

In the US, Shiva studied at Livingston High School in New Jersey. After some time, he got a chance to work as a research fellow at the University of Medicine and Industry, New Jersey. It was during the fellowship in 1978 that Siva designed the world’s first interoffice mail system, which got the name “e-mail”, when Shiva Ayyadurai was just 14 years old.

This program created by Ayyadurai was officially recognized as an e-mail searcher. That is, Ayyadurai was given the copyright to the email search.

At that time, copyright was the only available method to protect software search. The official US notice for email is now with the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History (SINMAH).

According to Ayyadurai, the real meaning of email is that it should have facilities like ‘inbox, outbox, drafts, folder, delete, archive’. He claimed that all these facilities were in his email. Ayyadurai was awarded the Westinghouse Science Talent Search Honors Award for email discovery.

Email address requires an email address consisting of username and domain name called email ID like sabina@gmail.com.

The ‘@’ sign is used to connect username and domain name address. This ‘@’ was invented by Ray Tomilson .

Ray Tomilson was an American programmer who invented to send electronic messages directly between different machines on a single network. Before that the user could write messages for others using the same computer. That’s why Ray Tomilson is also considered a father of email .

How to create your email id on phone?

In today’s time, email ID is used everywhere like online shopping, online job form, Google play store, Google map etc. You can easily create your email id using Google’s free service gmail.

If you have not yet created your email ID, then for this you will need a computer, it is not so, you can create an email ID from your phone as well. The process of creating an email ID on the phone is given below-

  1. First of all, you have to search by writing ‘gmail.com’ in any browser of your mobile.
  2. Tocreate a new account, click on Create Account. On clicking on it, you will see two options – Create account ‘For myself’ and ‘To manage my Business.’

If you want to create an email ID for yourself, then select ‘for yourself’ option and if you want to create an email ID for your business, then choose ‘to manage my business’, in which you have to create a user id in the name of your business.

  1. After choosing the Create Account option, on the next screen you will see some more options in which you have to fill your personal details like- your name, username, password, confirm password.

Keep in mind that you have to keep both the username and password unique, and keep it in such a way that you should always remember it.

Because when you login to the email account, you will be asked every time the username and password. After filling all the details, click on the option ‘Next’.

  1. On thefront screen, you will get the ‘Verifying your phone number’ option, in which you have to give your mobile number and give the same number that you are using in your mobile at that time.

Because on your same number, an OTP will be sent by Google for verification, which is 6 digits. As soon as OTP arrives, click on ‘Verify’ by giving a 6 digit number on the given box.

  1. After verifying, the page of ‘Welcome to Google’ will open, in which you will see some options again.

In this, you will see the option of phone number again, you fill your number in it. After that there will be the option of ‘Recovery email address’ which is optional, that is, you can leave this option without filling it.

In the next option, you have to fill your birth date and also fill the ‘Gender’ option, after that click on ‘Next’.

  1. In thenext page, you will see Google’s ‘Privacy and Terms’, which you can read if you have a policy of google or either scroll down and click on the button ‘I agree’.
  2. Inthis step your email id will be created and you will see a popup of ‘Welcome’ from Google, in that you will open the login page in your email account as soon as you click on ‘Next’.

In which you have to fill the same username and password that you gave while creating the account.
After creating an account, you can use your email ID online for any work anywhere, as well as through this you can send any message or data to your friends.

What does recovery email address mean?

In the process of creating an email ID, you must have noticed that an option of Recovery email address was present in it which was optional i.e. you can fill it or leave it empty.

But do you know what recovery email address means? Whenever you create your email account, you have to choose the option of recovery email address to keep your account secure.

In the recovery email address, you have to provide your phone number and an email id if you already have an email id. If not, then you can also give only your phone number.

The recovery email address is used so that whenever you forget your password or you want to change the old password to a new one, then the recovery option helps you in doing so.

When you want to change your password, google sends you a code or OTP to the phone number or email address given in your Recovery email address, using which you can easily change your password.

Recovery email address protects your account from hacker or any other person who cannot enter your account without your permission.

I hope you find this article “Who Invented Email?” Who is the inventor of email from You must have found out, as well as how to create an email ID from your phone and what the recovery email address means, you will also have got all these information.

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