White strawberries

White strawberries The pineberries , also known as white or strawberries souls white are a fruit very curious alien who was rescued by a group of farmers Dutch when he was in danger of extinction .


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Although by the year 2003 this strange variety of strawberries had almost disappeared, it was the timely action of the farmers that managed to prolong their existence to this day , which are already out of danger.

There are many exotic fruits in the world that can be said to be exclusive, as they are usually difficult to grow and are only given once or twice a year. This is the case of pineberries , which in many parts of the world are not known for being so rare and for the fact that they are still in the process of recovery.

The white strawberry or white soul has a flavor very similar to that of pineapple , but in reality it is a variety of strawberry, historically it is said that they originate from Chile , but in the year 1700 they were taken to France , from where they spread to others. places in the world, this small fruit is the cross between two strawberry species : Fragaria virginiana and Fragaria chiloensis , both of American origin. This hybrid , which arose accidentally, received the scientific name of Fragaria x ananassa to indicate its hybrid origin and its distinctive aroma. of tropical pineapple (ananassa).

Although in ancient times they were commercialized in Central and South America , where it could be cultivated more easily, the lack of interest on the part of the farmers regarding their planting and care caused the species to disappear until it almost reached extinction. . It did not disappear thanks to the fact that, in 2003 , Dutch farmers who decided to put their efforts into cultivation to save the species and reintroduced it to France for commercial purposes.


  • In the countriesof Spanish – speaking is most common name this fruit as ” soul white”.
  • This small berry is characterized by having a strong aromaand flavor of tropical pineapple , especially when it reaches its highest degree of maturity.
  • Unlike common strawberries, this variety is colored whitewith aquenios red and leaf green .
  • Its plantis very resistant to diseases , but its cultivation is not economically profitable, since it has small low-yield berries in terms of the amount of fruit per plant.
  • Its nutritional contributions are estimated to be as important as those of the common strawberry, but have not been sufficiently investigated yet.

Benefits and properties

Its exquisite flavor makes it a key piece for different dessert recipes , or a secondary ingredient in entrees and main courses . It is a powerful, seductive fruit and it is that the great amount of properties of the strawberry can give us a better quality of life . With its intense red and green stem , it is one of the most popular fruits .


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