White coral

White coral . Most common variety of this type of organic stone. For a long time the powders of this coral were used as toothpaste and the most beautiful branches as ornamental objects.


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  • 1 Origin
  • 2 Coral areas
  • 3 medicinal properties
  • 4 Sources


Corals belong to the Animal Kingdom and have radial symmetry. They are a very old group with a fossil record of over 50 million years. Coral reefs are among the most productive ecosystems and stand out for their wide diversity.

Coral areas

  • Mar de Gran Canaria: it is the only coral reef in the Canary Islands of White Coral.
  • Alboran Submarine Mountains and Volcanic Cones: in this underwater ecosystem is a white coral reef that is organized in the submarine volcanoes in the area.
  • Doñana Front: at 2,000m depth, an important white coral reef is opposite Doñana.

Medicinal properties

Widely used for menstruation problems, blood circulation, poor nutrition and fertility. Red coral is very good for bone and growth. It is said that if the red or pink coral pales when used it is because there is a blood problem. These two corals are also good for treating nervous diseases. White coral is used more for sensitive teeth, osteoarthritis, or rickets.



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