Which browser is best for Linux?

As with Windows systems, Linux devices use different web browsers to view WAN resources. Interestingly, in addition to the well-known programs Firefox and Chrome in the OS developed by Linus Torvald, you can browse sites through console browsers. Let’s try to understand which browser is best for Linux.

Some users still use console Internet browsers.


The main application for surfing in Linux is Firefox Mozilla. This product is included in various system distributions by default. The program values ​​personal inviolability and freedom of the user, has high performance, does not burden the operating room. You can use one of the many plugins to get more features.


The product from Google is quite popular among Windows users, you can install it on Linux. You will find an excellent level of security, high speed and a lot of useful options. The program is constantly improving, increasing efficiency. It is difficult to get Chrome from repositories, we recommend downloading installation files from the developer’s site.

Yandex.Browser for Linux

The web browser developed by Yandex has recently become available on Linux machines. The application is based on the Blink engine and today offers only a beta version for Linux. Advantages of use:

  • security. With Protect, you don’t have to worry about saving important files. It protects PCs from viruses, warns of fraudulent and dangerous resources.
  • convenient search. The name, resource address of the WAN or search query are entered in a reasonable line, after which the system will give you information of interest.
  • the ability to read books and view files through a browser;
  • synchronize tablets and smartphones with PC.
  • Turbo mode, which is activated in automatic mode with a slow connection.
  • personalization. You can change the look, choose your favorite background, operate widgets, transfer history, bookmarks and settings from another browser installed on your PC.

The program also provides built-in translation of sites, mouse gestures, quick links and more.

To install you will need a deb package (available from the linker portal). Open the file in the Application Center and click Install. After confirming the superuser password, the installation process will begin. If you want to start Yandex.Browser from the terminal, open a command prompt and enter yandex-browser.

Console web browsers

It is difficult for the average user to understand why they should view modern web pages in text mode. However, in the XXI century, browsers for Linux without a GUI are in demand. They are used to save resources by many programmers. Among the main advantages of console web browsers are the following:

  • minimum vulnerabilities;
  • works on old equipment;
  • no advertising;
  • excellent download speed;
  • a “machine” with a weak graphics adapter is suitable for viewing information.

Such developments, despite their agile appearance, have high security and excellent functionality. A site in a console-type browser is displayed at the same speed as a search engine robot. The secret of such a lightning download is simple: you will not see fashion, pictures, GIF animations, videos and other graphic content, only hyperlinks and text will remain available.

The most popular console browsers today are:

  • Lynx. The program is considered a pioneer among such developments. It does not support JavaScript, frames and tables. Lynx is usually used to see if the crawler robot will see your changes to a WAN resource. To run the utility, just enter the word lynx on the command line (if the browser is already installed). You can move through the lines with the cursor, there are also several keys for which some functions are scored.
  • Links, created on the basis of Lynx, but supports tables, tabs, frames.
  • w3m. Reminiscent of Lynx, but differs in the method of navigating the pages, designed for surfing HTML.

In addition, Netrik, Links2, Elinks, Edbrowse browsers can be used to view web resources on the World Wide Web.


Web browsers for Linux can be console and graphical. Both types are provided absolutely free of charge, to install them you need to download installation files from the manufacturers’ websites. The most popular graphics development is Firefox, if we talk about console versions, it is definitely Lynx and Links. Which one is better is up to you!


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