Where to find backgrounds for Instagram Stories

If you are one of those users who use Instagram Stories for everything, you should know that you can make them more striking and attractive for your followers with personalized backgrounds, in such a way that you can reach more public with a personalized Story, below we will show you where to find backgrounds for Instagram Stories .

We know that Instagram Stories has a vertical format with a somewhat peculiar size, we can use a size of 750 X 1334 pixels , but if we want them at a higher quality they could be 1127 X 2008 pixels, somewhat rare but optimal sizes for the social network, so our images will have to have at least those proportions.

During the following article we will see the best websites and apps to find free backgrounds for Instagram Stories , since sometimes the importance of a well-created background is success so that your publication reaches more followers.

How to use Instagram Direct


Without a doubt, Pexels for us is one of the best free and high-quality image banks, it is also a bank where we can find all kinds of image categories and it has an internal search engine that works very well.

Pexels also has several ways of downloading photos , since depending on our needs we can download them in different sizes, but remember that at least they will have to be 750 X 1334 pixels as we mentioned before.

Web: Pexels

Shopify Burst

If what you are looking for are striking backgrounds for your business, Shopify Burst will become a great ally since it has free photos dedicated to business.

One of the functions I like the most about Shopify Burst is a section called “Business Ideas” where we can find inspiration for our products or download their images to use as a background.

Web: Shopify Burst


Another free image bank is Unsplash , very similar to Pexels, also oriented to electronic commerce for all its content, but you can find all kinds of funds for different sectors.

Unsplash is updated every 10 days, with the genius of adding 10 photos, that is; every day 10 days 10 photos are uploaded . The images you will find on Unsplash are of high quality and you can even print them.

Web: Unsplash


SplitShire is an image bank where we can search for all kinds of backgrounds for our Instagram Stories, we will also have the option to download them in high quality.

The strong point that SplitShire offers is its search engine, as we have a search engine with which we can classify the search by themes or keywords.

Website: SplitShire


Canva has become one of the applications that we always have installed on our mobile , the free version of the web or the app gives us the opportunity to edit any product for printing or for the Internet, it also has a powerful search engine.

Thanks to the categories we can search for what we want and classify the searches , we will have all kinds of designs and just by putting in the search engine “Instagram Stories” we will instantly have hundreds of publications of all kinds to edit and upload to our Instagram Stories.

Web: Canva

  • Download Canva for Android
  • Download Canva for iOS


Pixabay is a free image bank that provides us with a large number of stock images, with which we can play and edit to make our Instagram Stories backgrounds more attractive to our followers.

It has a somewhat limited search engine , but we always end up finding what we want, we can use images of all kinds and for all kinds of content, be it personal and professional since they do not have copyright.

Web: Pixabay


Visme offers almost the same as Canva, but expands its content, we can also add more creative graphics to fill our Stories with as much content as possible.

As the only point against we can say that Visme is that it is somewhat more difficult to use than Canva, so you will have to have some design knowledge and become familiar with the interface and tools.

Web: Visme


Inshot is an essential app if you are an active Instagram user , it has many tools and templates for the app, and we can also edit the images and templates in the same app to upload them to Instagram Stories.

Inshot allows us to create content from scratch, but with its templates we can create impressive graphics and backgrounds for Instagram Stories and also share them directly from the app.

  • Download Inshot for Android
  • Download Inshot for iOS


Its name may seem like food, but it is not, Mojo is an app with which we can add interactive content to Instagram , that is, we can add graphics and text with different effects.

It is an app that you should try because you will surely like it and you will be able to add personalized backgrounds to your Instagram stories so that you can share them with your followers.

  • Download Mojo for Android
  • Download Mojo for iOS

Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox

This app is essential for any Instagram user who wants to create quality content on their profiles, both in their main feed and in Instagram Stories.

It offers us endless possibilities to create content, we can add effects to our photos, we can edit them, create creative sources and edit the backgrounds that we will use for Instagram Stories , it is undoubtedly a unique tool for the most used social network worldwide.

  • Download Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox for Android
  • Download Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox for iOS


Unfold is for those who love minimalism as well as elegance, you can backgrounds for Instagram Stories that will allow anyone to create a really striking feed.

Unfold comes loaded with templates to edit directly from your app , and create complete stories that will make your followers love your content on the social network, it is also available for Android and iOS.

  • Download Unfold for Android
  • Download Unfold for iOS


We had not mentioned it, but Pinterest is one of the most used graphic and inspiration content search engines , if you want to take ideas or be inspired to create content this is your application.

Pinterest has a very powerful search engine that allows you to search for anything and obtain results really related to the search carried out, you can also download the funds you want and use them in your Instagram Stories.

Web: Pinterest

  • Download Pinterest for Android
  • Download Pinterest for iOS


Edit.org is another online editor with which we can create perfect templates to create Stories on Instagram, thanks to the editor we can use the templates that the web has and we can also add content one after another.

The Edit.org templates have 1080 X 1920 proportions , they are enough to create high quality content in our Instagram Stories feed.

Web: Edit.org

Create your own backgrounds for Instagram Stories

To finish our article on backgrounds for Instagram Stories, you may want to create your own Instagram Stories backgrounds, that is, thanks to the GIF’s search engine and the symbols on our keyboard we can create impressive effects for our Stories.

There are many users who create their own wallpapers for Instagram Stories , with lines, dots being used as circles, you will also need some imagination but here we leave you several links from some users who create their own effects for Instagram Stories.

Web: iginspo_

Web: santander_nova

Web: igstories101

After seeing all the sites and apps to download and get funds for our Instagram Stories , we encourage you to try each of them and find the perfect symbiosis between app and image bank to download because you will be able to create a lot of content and in addition to great quality for your followers.

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