Where is Alamo?

Alamo’s mission to San Antonia, often simply called The Alamo, is an ancient Spanish mission built in San Antonio, Texas. Built by Spanish missionaries during the eighteenth century, the Alamo was built as a mission and fortress to convert Native Americans to Christianity. Alamo is the most famous as the site of the Battle of Alamo in 1836, and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

Battle of the Alamo

The battle of the Alamo was a critical point of the Texas Revolution, in which American colonialists rebelled against the Mexican government, which controlled the Mexican province of Texas. The Texans were considering independence from Mexico and had driven all Mexican troops out of the province. In 1836, the president of Mexico led troops to attack the Alamo, which had become a fortress of Texas freedom fighters. The mission was largely destroyed and all Texan defenders were killed. This triggered anger and a sense of revenge in Texas residents, and also encouraged American soldiers to join the battle. The famous heroes killed in Alamo include James Bowie, William Travis and Davey Crockett.


Today, Alamo is seen by locals and the international community as a historic site that is now the symbol of freedom. Alamo is considered not only as a simple mission for soldiers, but also as a location that provides health services, security services and other social services to the population of Texas. Millions of tourists flock to the Alamo region, making it the list of Texas state tourist attractions. The incident of the famous mission led to the erection of a monument in Texas in honor of the fallen who gave their lives for the freedom that people in Texas enjoy today. The Alamo battle has also inspired writers, songwriters and film writers.

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