Where does vegan practice come from?

We are bombarded daily with various information regarding the care we must take with our food. To avoid the health problems caused by inadequate nutrition, thousands of people have become adept at veganism.

But do you know the origin of the vegan practice? MetLife has prepared this article that will answer that question and show the main advantages of adopting a vegan diet.

What is veganism?

In the vegan diet, nothing of animal origin is consumed, such as meat, dairy products, eggs and even honey. In addition, vegans do not wear any clothes whose raw material is of animal origin, such as leather, for example. Vegan food is gaining a greater number of followers worldwide, as it is an extremely healthy diet and without any type of animal fat, which is bad for our health.

How did the vegan diet come about?

Around 1944, the Vegan Society was created by the British Donald Watson and, since then, it has become a political, ethical and lifestyle movement. But in 1949, Leslie J. Cross, believed that the whole of society needed to pay special attention to animal rights.

Therefore, in the vegan diet, the end of the use of animals for human food, production of goods, work or hunting was proposed. In other words, the principle of vegan practice is to have nothing to do with anything that is of animal origin. Veganism ended up having a good reputation within a society that values ​​good health and is increasingly popular.

Veganism is not restricted to vegetables only

Many people believe that people who have adopted the vegan practice have a diet based only on vegetables, which is not true. It may not seem like it, but veganism offers several healthy, inexpensive and, above all, tasty options on its menu.

If you are thinking that a dish baked in veganism is impossible, you are completely wrong. There are foods of plant origin that can replace eggs, meat, butter and even milk, in addition to being much more nutritious for the body. Vegan roast, in addition to being a delight, is released for people who have lactose intolerance or egg allergies, for example.

Your health thanks

According to a recent North American survey, about 90% of those adhering to veganism are within ideal weight, do not have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels. In addition, they were much less likely to have bowel cancer, prostate cancer, heart and kidney disease. More health, disposition and well-being on a daily basis!

It is no wonder that, more and more, veganism is bringing more and more people to its select group.

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