Where can you locate the Android build number

This tutorial will teach you how to locate the Android build number so that you know which of all the versions of the Android system and its features your mobile has.

Since the Android operating system was born, it has been updated many times. Each of them has a number and a sweet name. This is a bit like the process of finding the Windows Server product key for a version of Windows.

In the same way, that the system is updated does not mean that the version has changed. Likewise, two mobiles can have the same version of Android but be different between them.

For this reason, it is necessary to know a way to locate the build number of Android to know the version of the operating system with which your mobile works.

What is the build number about?

The build number is the identification card of the version of Android that your phone uses. It is the number of the update you have installed.

If you update the software of your cell phone this number will change automatically. Even if the version of the Android operating system is the same, for example, Oreo 8.0.

This number not only serves to identify the version of Android you have , it also tells you important things about that version. That is why it is important to locate the build number or build number of Android and know how to read it as if it were to know what number and build version Windows 10 is installed.

Where can you locate the Android build number?

To locate the build number or build number of Android you must go to phone settings. Once there you must go down to the end and select the option that says ” About the phone “.

It will show you all the information about your phone, such as the serial number and the model. Look for the option that says ” Software Information ” and select it. You will be able to see data about the UI version, the Android version, the baseband, among others.

One of them is the build number. To identify it, remember that it is made up of four letters followed by a period, then four numbers, a period and three numbers at the end.

How to read these characters?

After locating the Android build number, proceed to read it. If the build number of your phone is one of the old ones, it is made up of only six characters, that is, it is simple. Let’s say the code is MDB08M and it would read like this:

  1. M: The first letter refers to the update of the Android operating system. In this case M for Marshmallow.
  2. D: This letter refers to the branch where the source code comes from and provides information to Google to identify it.
  3. B08: These three digits are a date. The letter has been the quarter divided into A, B, C, and D. Thus, the letter B would be the second quarter of the year. The numbers are the days of the quarter.
  4. M: The last letter refers to separate versions that are based on the same code, starting with A. If it is the first version, this letter is usually omitted.

The new codes are much longer and although they may seem more complicated at first glance, the truth is that they offer much more information. As an example we will read the code OPR6.170623.012

  1. O: As in the previous example, this letter refers to the name of the Android version. In this case it is the Oreo version.
  2. Q: As before, it has to do with the branch where the source code comes from.
  3. A6: These two digits give information about the exact place where this code has come from to carry out the compilation.
  4. 170623: This is the exact date of the release of this code. The format is year / month / day. So this build number came out on August 23, 2017.
  5. 012: Fulfills the same function as the letter in the previous example. Identify the number of versions of the same operating system. However, in this case the 001 is not omitted.

It is important to clarify that this method does not work for manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony, since they have their own method .


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