When to sow Spinach

You wonder when spinach is sown in the garden . Discover the planting season of spinach.

Spinach is one of the most appreciated vegetables in the world. The consumption of this rich vegetable brings enormous benefits to our body. Spinach contains large amounts of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. If you want to grow it yourself in your garden read on …

Planting spinach in the garden

The best time of the year to plant spinach in the garden is in the autumn season. Spinach likes the cold, in fact the excess heat causes it to spike quickly.

How spinach is sown

Spinach Seeds

First of all we have to collect spinach seeds, seeds that are healthy and also have a high germination rate.

How spinach seeds are sown

Once we have collected spinach seeds, we go to planting them. Spinach seeds are sown directly in the garden on separate lines about 30 cm and depositing 4-5 seeds every 10 cm.

Once the seeds germinate and the seedlings begin to develop, thinning is done to leave only one plant every 10 cms.

How to prepare the garden soil to sow spinach

Work the land well

Spinach requires well-worked land where the soil is loose and fluffy. Take the hoe and dig your garden until you get the soil of the plot where you go to sow spinach is completely loose and fluffy.

Provide fertilizer to the land where you go to sow spinach

Spinach needs fertilized soil to grow. It provides a generous amount of organic matter in the soil so that spinach can obtain the necessary nutrients.

Spinach care in the garden


The risks in spinach cultivation have to be constant but short. Spinach requires a lot of water since it is a very fast crop but you have to always provide water without waterlogging.


Spinach is one of the vegetables that less hours of sunshine require to grow can be grown even in shady places. It is an ideal vegetable to grow in home gardens in low sunlight.

Insects and fungi

Spinach can be a victim of insect pests and plant fungi. In case this happens apply ecological insecticides and fungicides .


You can collect the entire spinach leaves or plants from 40 days after planting. As you can see it is a very fast crop.

One proposal that we make so that you can have fresh spinach all season is that you sow the seeds in a staggered manner (every 15 days) in this way you will be able to harvest tender spinach leaves for a long time.

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