When can you park car in loading and unloading?

As a driver, you have probably asked yourself the question of whether or not you can park in a loading and unloading zone. These spaces are reserved in different towns and cities to make it easier for carriers to deliver goods to stores. And, for this very reason, these specific sites are regulated. But, we already anticipate that you can turn off your car without being fined depending on the signage it has .

This is one of the questions that most drivers ask themselves over the years. Like the fact of knowing if you can park in these areas on Saturdays or holidays. Well, answering this question is not that complicated. First of all, you should always pay close attention to the sign and its legend .

take a good look at the sign

The sign that appears in the loading and unloading area makes the difference at all times. This, along with the legend, will be all we need to know to know if you can park in that area or not. It doesn’t matter if you are in one city or another, the important thing at all times is to take a good look at these two key points. In this way, you will be able to know if parking is allowed or not.

The signs that you will be able to see are the R-307 (stopping and parking prohibited, circle crossed with a cross) and R-308 (parking prohibited, circle with a vertical line). In addition, next to these two we will see a legend that will indicate the conditions for parking and, above all, if it is really allowed. Therefore, the legend will include times and days affected . Like the sign, it can have an arrow indicating which side of the road affects parking or even the type of vehicle.

Keep in mind that during the periods indicated in the legend, only vehicles that have a merchandise transport card may park in those areas. Another key point is that Saturdays are considered working days, so this prohibition is also maintained. In the case of holidays it is different. For example, if the sign only specifies weekdays, you will be able to park on holidays or on Sundays.

Although, here the legend comes into play again, since not all of these take working days into account , but some refer to Monday through Friday, others to fortnightly, odd or even days. Therefore, the answer is that you can park in loading and unloading areas whenever the sign allows it and you are outside the period established by the legend.

How much is the fine?

In the case of the fine for parking while loading and unloading, it changes depending on the ordinances of each town or city and whether non-compliance with the regulations has been considered a minor, serious or very serious offence.

According to the General Traffic Regulations, it is established that parking a vehicle in these reserved spaces carries a penalty of 200 euros . Keep in mind that, on certain occasions, it may also happen that the agents decide to remove the vehicles by calling the tow truck . Therefore, the cost will increase by having to assume the cost of this public service.


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