WhatsApp MODs: The extras that can end up banned

WhatsApp is the most famous and used instant messaging application in the world and it is common for you to find updates with new functions. But maybe sometimes you think that it is missing things, that you would add other extras or that it falls short for the things you would like to do in it. For example some privacy issues, such as your contacts not seeing you online. Or capacity, to send videos of more weight than WhatsApp allows you. And that’s where WhatsApp MODs come into play , extra functions that can end up being banned.

WhatsApp MODs can promise us to have many more extra functions but not only can they be a lie but they can pose many risks. The first and foremost is that they ban you from WhatsApp in an unlimited way. One of the main reasons why the messaging application can close your account is that you use these types of applications. If they close it, there will be no way to return.

What are WhatsApp MODs?

We find MODs in many areas of technology, mainly in video games, where these MODs are popular and are dedicated to modifying an original video game by adding new characters, extra customization options, objects and more. Usually the most popular are those that do not come from the original developer, that is, they are not official. Both for the options that it allows not to be the owner of the rights or have responsibilities and for the greater possibility of imagining and creating that these unofficial programmers may have.

We have many examples, such as in action games, in which a MOD can add weapons that do not appear in the game, or in sports games to update or modify templates in the case of football or drivers and cars in racing games. But both in this case and in the one at hand, that of WhatsApp MODs, it may happen that the software modification is not complete or has not been done rigorously. This implies that the altered version may give bugs, it may be unstable or it may even cause a fatal error in the system.

In these WhatsApp MODs, the functionalities added in the modification deal mainly with personalization or security elements, adding some functions that the original version of WhatsApp does not include and that are popular among users. For example, you can put conversations with colors, add font styles, control when someone connects. But although in appearance and in its skeleton they resemble the official application and that you find them very useful, their download involves risks that those who want to have more options than they would have by downloading WhatsApp in the usual store assume. Risks that we will talk about in the next paragraphs and that could cause the app to be removed.

Most popular WhatsApp MODs

Currently there are dozens of these WhatsApp MODs , fake versions, to add security, design, capacity, customization features … Many of the MODs appear and disappear, change their name, are reborn and are difficult to control, but here We give you a list of the most popular ones in case you want to try them despite the possible risks of using an unofficial app.

WhatsApp Plus

This is one of the most popular MODs among WhatsApp users who want more functionality than the official version offers. It is an application with a similar appearance but in which we will be able to customize practically everything. It offers advantages in privacy and usability, since we can hide profile image and online status, in addition to the possibility of sending larger audio or video files. You can also send and download photos at their original quality and size, they will not be compressed as in WhatsApp. And you can also install different themes to customize your application.


In this MOD we find one of the most interesting functions, the option of using two different WhatsApp accounts in the same application , two numbers on the same phone, simultaneously. It coincides with WhatsApp Plus in many of its functionalities, such as hiding connection hours, sending files larger than what is allowed by the official version of WhatsApp or setting colors, downloading themes and other design issues.


In addition to expanding the file sending size up to 700 MB , YoWhatsApp includes privacy features that are interesting, such as choosing who can call you, getting rid of checks when sending and receiving messages, a wide variety of emojis or hiding what the people know when you are writing or recording an audio. It also includes security options and with each update it tries to improve them, so that WhatsApp does not detect the user who is using it and blocks it.


At first glance it is quite similar to the original version of WhatsApp because it respects its interface, but it adds thousands of customization theme options so that each user can configure how they want to navigate WhatsApp to their liking. In addition, its extra security options include a curious airplane mode with which you can disconnect from WhatsApp but with which you can continue browsing and using your mobile in the normal way.


It is similar to YoWhatsApp and respects the aesthetics of the original version of WhatsApp, although this MOD includes customization features so that each user can use it as they please. It is developed by Fouad Mokdad, hence its name FMWhatsApp, and is constantly updated.


Also based on YoWhatsApp, which serves as a skeleton for many of these MODs, with DELTA we will find different functionalities from the other retouched versions of WhatsApp, such as the option to post stories of up to five minutes or send massive messages, up 250 people. Many of the functionalities that we are discovering both in this and in other MODs will only be visible if the other participants of the chat use the same version as us.

HAZRD WhatsApp

Perhaps its greatest utility, if it is a utility, is that you can send boom messages. This is Hazrd Boom Text, which are nothing more than a message repeated as many times as we want. Spam, you must remember, is penalized by WhatsApp and is a reason for banning. When we choose this functionality, we will write the message in question and the number of times we want it to be sent repeatedly. Its interface is different from the others and does not respect the original WhatsApp.


This MOD is based on WhatsApp Plus and the best thing is that you can combine the two, have both installed to add new options to the functionalities of the first one, such as the possibility of using two numbers on the same phone. A very interesting utility to add to one of the most used modified versions of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Plus.


Its greatest virtue is that of being a lighter version than the other MODs, for people who have space problems on their device, although it may not include all the functionalities that you would like and that we have already seen in other modified versions of WhatsApp.


Its biggest differences with the rest of MODs is in its interface, since it changes the chats, camera or settings tabs to the lower area and leaves the entire upper part of the screen for the search engine. Give even a different touch to the classic WhatsApp interface and it can become the favorite of many users who see it aesthetically better or cleaner.

Soula WhatsApp

The development of this WhatsApp mod is part of the WhatsApp Plus, OG and GB family, but there are some differences with all of them. It is a mod that focuses a lot on the customization options of the messaging application, themes, icons, notifications, etc. In addition, it increases the ability to send larger audios and videos than the Facebook-owned app.

Soula WhatsApp is a fairly light mod, so it will take up little space in the memory of our mobile phone and in addition to having a lot of customization options, it includes interesting functions that have to do with the privacy and security of the tool. messaging, such as downloading statuses, customizing themes, the possibility of hiding that you have seen the status of a contact, anti-ban system, extra emojis, etc.

Fouad Mokdad

It is another modification that focuses on the personalization and privacy of the messaging app, so most of the additional functions it offers refer to the personalization of the app and the privacy of the users when using WhatsApp. It allows changing the color of certain literals, using any background image on the home page, changing the color of the text, customizing certain icons, etc.

When it comes to privacy, Fouad Mokdad allows the user to always appear online if we want to or even block calls and messages. It is also possible to change the language, send messages to someone without having to save the number in contacts, etc.

WhatsApp Begal

This mod focuses mainly on the privacy of the messaging app. With WhatsApp Begal, contacts will only see the blue checks when a response to the message in question is sent, it is also possible to download statuses to our mobile and it has a function that allows us to see the messages deleted in the chats by our contacts.

It also allows us to hide the Online status, without stopping to see if the rest of the contacts are online or not or when was the last time they connected, it has an extra pack of emojis and the design is very very similar to that of the original WhatsApp app.

Problems of using MODs

The use of this type of tricked version of WhatsApp without an official license can be very useful in the event that we are looking for more customization options or if we are going to use its new features, such as the option to send larger files or the functions to expand the privacy that the vast majority include. But it also involves risks, which we must be willing to assume in the event that we want to use one of these MODs and not the official version of WhatsApp.

Banning on WhatsApp

Although most MODs try to include anti-ban updates in their applications, the truth is that if WhatsApp catches you using one of its unofficial modified versions, it could block your number. WhatsApp can kick you out of its service temporarily or permanently, a big risk considering that you will not be able to communicate with your contacts again nor will you be able to return in any way.

If you get banned from WhatsApp for this reason, you may not be able to return to the messaging application from your own phone number. Normally, the company tells you to uninstall what you have installed. It gives you a period of a few days in which you can uninstall the application and bet on the official version. If you do not comply with it within that period, the ban may be irreversible.

Security problems with your data

When you use one of these unlicensed versions, you don’t know who is behind your data and your conversations, who can read them, who can take advantage of an oversight and use your banking or personal data if you write them in a chat. As with the files they send you, which could be a gateway for viruses to your smartphone and render it unusable.

They are not stable

Although WhatsApp has its falls at specific times, it works regularly and we have no problems of use on a day-to-day basis. However, in these MODs you do not know if they can assure you a stable service and perhaps an urgent message from a friend, family member or boss is left hanging and does not reach you, with the damage that this could mean. Even if you give up some functions, it is better to use the official application and not risk it.


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