What you can do today do not leave it for tomorrow

Do it right now. As long as you must. I constantly hear that we live in a consumer society. The problem is that it is not only economic but also time-consuming. It seems that it is our obligation to be doing things at all times . Think about everything that remains for you and do it conscientiously. Do not be lazy in your obligations but be aware of your actions

Remember that the importance that if you open a closet you should close it later, does not lie in its mere act. But in the full attitude that you give to that moment. You make your presence in that moment excellent. That translates into not entering the spiral of living with automatisms and the importance of living in the present moment. With it you can realize the things that matter because each moment has its action to value.

I see every day that people need to reset our mind too easily. Especially in those moments when we only focus on being productive. But have you ever wondered what it means to be productive ? Is it being busy with a thousand things to do or being able to do several things at the same time? It will be another option that productivity is linked to proactivity. In a way, all the options are viable, but the one that will give you greater responsibility and acceptance will be the one that productivity is linked to concentrating on a single task . That is what makes us grow because if we dedicate all the effort at that moment and without a doubt it influences the quality.

Avoid falling into stress:  Understand that what you can do today, do not leave it for tomorrow.

You should not enter a meaningless productivity spiral . You cannot be a production chain of your work as this accumulates stress.  Do things conscientiously and apart from working without stress, you will be more productive and artistic in your responses, providing the highest possible quality to your tasks.

If you think you need to focus your daily actions more, I recommend you learn more about Mindfulness. This article will help you.

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