What type of shipping to use for Amazon orders?

This platform has positioned itself as the main one in terms of sales. It is the pioneer in this market and thanks to its services, it is possible to have a vast number of products to buy.

All this without forgetting the good customer service it has, along with the possibility of using Amazon Locker for greater comfort. In any case, what type of shipping to choose when making a purchase? Here we will try to answer this question.

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  1. What is the approximate price of package delivery on Amazon?
  2. What advantages and disadvantages does each of the Amazon shipments have?
    1. Advantages and disadvantages of standard shipping
    2. Amazon Standard Shipping
    3. Features of Premium Shipping
    4. cheap Amazon shipping
    5. Benefits of using scheduled delivery
  3. Which Amazon shipping system is the most used and why?

What is the approximate price of package delivery on Amazon?

To begin with, we must note that there is no standard price for package shipments . There are a number of variables that directly influence its cost. In fact, it does not matter if it is a service that will be carried out in a city, if the conditions are different for each person, the cost could be higher or lower.

In case you are wondering if there is a free delivery service, the answer may be yes, of course. That is, it will depend on the country and the person who is selling a product. In the same way, you can look at the different prices according to the variables mentioned. And if you notice that it is delayed, you can send a message through Amazon to the seller.

  1. For those countries where Amazon is operational, standard shipping prices start at $6. This value may increase if it is an urgent or priority shipment. While the first has a value of $11, the second is $14.
  2. In the case of Central America, the standard cost is $10 while the priority aspect remains at the same price mentioned above. On the other hand, priority shipping costs almost $20.
  3. The curious thing is that in areas such as North Africaand the Middle East, the prices are among the most accessible for users. This at least for standard shipments, since for the rest it goes from $19 to $30 respectively.

What advantages and disadvantages does each of the Amazon shipments have?

As described a moment ago, every user has the option to opt for a particular type of shipment. It does not matter if you intend to buy toys, pay for a computer service or for a specific product.

Advantages and disadvantages of standard shipping

The main advantage to mention is that you have the ability to opt for free shipping and order confirmation on Amazon . The bad thing about this is that it is very likely that you will not be able to receive the order directly. In other words, in order to buy a fashion or sports product and have it reach your hands, you must choose another modality.

Amazon Standard Shipping

For this particular service, you have the cheapest prices on the platform. Of course, its disadvantage is that you will have to wait a certain period of time. So you will not have that level of priority that you are looking for. It is vital to mention that each type of product has a different value .

For example, electronic items have a value of 2 euros as long as they are collected at a specific point. For those heavy packages, the cost increases a bit.

Features of Premium Shipping

This service is specialized and stands out for offering a very fast level of delivery. So much so that you can have the package the next day after having paid the corresponding amount. The maximum that can take is 48 hours.

cheap Amazon shipping

It is the one that most users are inclined to. Everything will depend on the type of item to buy and if it has freight or not. The truth is that it is a fairly reliable and safe option . The detail itself is the time factor, for the rest, your orders will be safe and will arrive at the specified destination without any problem.

Benefits of using scheduled delivery

The biggest advantage is that you know the exact day and time that your goods that you have purchased through the platform will arrive. This is a fundamental aspect that manages to characterize the platform . You can schedule your requests for a date when you have no other responsibilities. This in order to be able to pick up the package on the corresponding day and time.

Which Amazon shipping system is the most used and why?

This will depend primarily on the end customer. In other words, if you have enough money and you need your products as quickly as possible, priority service is the best. On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting X amount of time , stick with the standard mode.


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