What to do if your computer turns on but won’t boot

The moment you feared the most has arrived: your computer won’t start. Although it is something that scares everyone, calm down because there is a solution. Passfab FixUWin can help you.

Having problems with the computer you use every day is not only frustrating, it’s also terrifying. In these devices we store a large part of our working life, but also our personal life. Therefore, if your computer turns on but does not start , there are a couple of tricks that you can try before taking it to a specialized technical service.

Despite its many iterations, Windows is still a fairly bug-prone operating system. Because of this, you may find yourself in the situation that your computer turns on normally, but Windows does not start. This, as always, can be due to a multitude of reasons .

Of course, this guide is related to the case where Windows 10 won’t boot, or any of its earlier versions. If your PC shuts down automatically when you press the power button, you’d better take it to a specialized site . In the latter case, it is probably due to a hardware problem, such as a bad connection to the RAM or the current and power supply.

My PC won’t boot, what can I do?

When you see that your computer does not start, this is probably the first question that came to your mind. “What I can do?” Well, there are several solutions to this problem .

Use PassFab FixUWin

While there are many ways to diagnose and fix the problem, one of the most effective is by using PassFab FixUWin . With this tool, you can get benefits and functions that will not only help you fix your computer problems like blue or black screen or not remembering Windows password. In addition, they can also keep everything in order so that it does not happen again.

The best of all is that with this suite you have everything you need . So, you don’t have to download anything else.

The first step to using PassFab FixUWin to your advantage is to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB . For this you will need another computer, since yours is unusable for obvious reasons. Just follow these steps to get it:

  1. Download and install PassFab FixUWin from another computer that you have on hand. When you’re done, insert your formatted CD/DVD or USB storage. Now, open PassFab FixUWin.
  2. In Windows Repair, tap on the Create boot disk nowbutton and select the operating system and version you want to repair. Later, the device that you want to turn into a bootable disk. Tap Next .
  3. The necessary files will begin to download. This step could take more or less time, depending on your internet connection. When finished, the program will notify you that the boot disk has been created successfully.

Now, the next step is to power on your computer from your bootable CD/DVD or USB. These steps may vary between brands, but the most common is that you have to change the system from the BIOS. To do this, touch the F8, F10, F11 or F12 buttons several times -not all of them, just the one that corresponds to your brand- as soon as you turn on your computer. This should open your motherboard’s BIOS menu.

Enter an option related to the Boot Menu. From here, choose the USB or CD/DVD drive as the primary boot , as appropriate. Now when you restart your computer with the bootable CD/DVD or USB inserted, the program will open automatically. Do not take it out until the whole process is finished.

Run PassFab FixUWin on your computer

When PassFab FixUWin has been launched on your computer, you will see a clear interface with various options available. If you want to recover your computer that won’t boot, just follow these steps :

  1. Tap on the Automatic Repairbutton in the middle of the screen.
  2. Now, click on the partition that needs to be repaired. In this case, the one in which Windows is installed.
  3. Tap on Start repair.
  4. When the procedure is successfully completed, tap on the Resetbutton .

Your computer should now turn on as usual. You can now remove the bootable CD/DVD or USB and continue with your work.

Other solutions if your computer does not start

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many reasons that could lead to your computer not booting as it should. The good thing about this situation is that there are also many ways out of it .

The first one is by disconnecting all USB devices. As with the bootable USB, your computer might be trying to boot up using a USB stick or CD/DVD to boot. By not containing the correct information, it stays on an indefinite black screen.

The second option is to verify the charging source. If your computer’s power supply is failing or poorly connected, your computer will not boot to prevent hardware damage . In this case, it is best to take it to a specialist.

In the event that the computer boots and beeps a certain number of times when turning it on, there are several causes :

  • If the beep is short and choppy, the problem is related to a fault in the BIOS.
  • Alternating long and short beepsmeans a motherboard failure.
  • One long beep, followed by two short ones, indicates a problem with the video card.
  • long, permanent beepis a sign that your computer is having problems with its RAM modules.

We hope that with this article you have been able to stay calmer in case you have had a problem with your computer. Remember that if you have any further questions, you can go directly to the Passfab FixUWin website .


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