What Should I Do If My Child Has Flat Feet?

What is flat foot?

Flat feet are a common pathology that affects the health and well-being of the feet. It occurs when the arch of the sole of the foot is flattened, when people are standing, it is notorious since the foot is turned out and the entire plant touches the ground.

There are two types of flat feet:

Flexible flat foot: This is characterized by the disappearance of the internal arch when you step on a flat surface and when you take off your foot or put on your toes, the arch reappears.

Rigid flat foot: This is characterized by not presenting the plantar arch in any instance.

Flat feet occur when the arch does not develop during childhood. It is common for children 3 years and older to see the longitudinal arch, but over time it will develop, however, that this does not happen, it is recommended that they immediately go to a specialist in orthotics or orthopedist. During childhood is the best stage to detect and correct this pathology, if it is not corrected at this stage of life in the future it will hardly disappear.

Flat feet generally do not cause discomfort, unless activities that require great physical effort are carried out, such as running for a long period of time or standing for too long; At the end of these activities, the soles of the feet will be very sore, however, not all people experience pain. But this does not mean that it should not be treated, since naturally the feet are an important part of us, which are in charge of supporting the rest of our human body; By not having a correct distribution of our weight, naturally our bone posture will be affected, having discomfort either in a short period or over the years.

Consequences of flat feet in adults.

Adults who have sprained ankles, rheumatoid arthritis in their feet, diabetes or obesity and who also have flat feet can present other types of injuries, which is why we stress the importance of correcting this pathology from childhood, because adults it is possible to treat it, but this pathology will not disappear.

In children it is not so serious, since they only have many falls due to lack of stability, cramps in the feet, legs and knees, in addition to the fact that they usually wear the soles of shoes and tennis shoes irregularly.

Solution to correct flat feet.

The solution to most pathologies are custom-made orthopedic insoles, these may be the best alternative, combined with exercises to strengthen and adequate footwear.

Orthopedic insoles are a great tool for the well-being of the feet, these are used as an alternative treatment, we emphasize that they are custom-made, because they are manufactured according to changes in plantar pressures, since each of our patients has different needs and these modifications are determined with the help of a baropodometric study.

The baropodometric study is in charge of analyzing the load distribution presented by the feet and with the obtained result, the orthotics specialist will understand the modifications that will have to be placed in the custom-made orthopedic insoles, to help the patient with their discomfort.

Who Should I Go With?

At the foot evaluation clinic at Mediprax Footlab we are at your disposal to advise you and answer any questions related to pathologies in your children’s feet, we make rest insoles, insoles for runners, insoles for diabetics, insoles for athletes, orthopedic insoles for children and all kinds of orthopedic insoles made to measure if you want more details contact us.


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