What is Yerba Mate?

Billions of people around the world wake up with hot cups of tea or coffee before turning to the activity of the day. But in some parts of the world, people wake up with a drink that is not familiar to many, called yerba mate. Yerba mate is a traditional beer widespread in South America that is said to offer the strength of coffee, the healthy benefit of tea and the euphoria of chocolate of the six popular drinks used as a stimulant, the mate is the most balanced, offering both energy and nutrition.

Do Yerba Mate

The mate herb is produced with traditional dried and caffeinated leaves of a popular South American holly tree called as Ilex paraguarriensis . The holly tree is common in northern Argentina, in Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. The tree begins to grow in the form of a shrub and matures in a tree that can grow up to 49 in height. A yerba mate drink is prepared by filling a pumpkin with dry leaves of the mate plant, adding boiling but not boiling water. The drink is considered ready for consumption once the leaves mix well with hot water. Sugar can be added to the drink to improve taste. Drinking yerba mate is considered a social event.

Who drinks the most Yerba Mate?

The mate is very popular in Paraguay and Uruguay. In these countries, it is not uncommon to see people walking down the street sipping their partner and carrying a thermos in their arms to refresh their drink. There are also hot water stations in Uruguay where you can top up your thermos while you are on the road.

In Argentina, mate is officially a national drink. About 11, in Argentina millions of dollars are consumed per year of yerba mate per 500. In Brazil, an iced and sweetened version of toast is available in stores and sold as a non-carbonized beverage. Traditionally, the brewer serves each person using a pumpkin. Once a person is served, he thanks, takes as many sips as possible, then returns the pumpkin to the brewer who reloads it and delivers the next person clockwise.

Health benefits

The mate herb has been hailed throughout South America as a healthy drink. The mata herb has been touted as containing various minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese. The mate herb also has therapeutic properties. Increases energy levels in the body, energy that can be described as delicate and clean. Compared to other stimulants such as tea and coffee, yerba mate provides a balanced energy intake. Yerba mate is also considered an herbal medicine that aids digestion, toning nerves, treating allergies and stimulating the immune system.

Side effects

While mate is suitable for the body, not everyone is happy to have it. Some people experience excess caffeine symptoms like insomnia and anxiety. Yerba mate is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Smokers are at high risk for some cancers if they drink too much mate. In Argentina, bladder cancer is very common among yerba mate drinkers who also smoke.


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