What is wireless technology?

Technology always aims to develop the best tools to give us well-being. The search has achieved very beneficial results, and wireless technology is a clear example of these. If you’ve ever wondered what is wireless technology for and how does it work ? then this article is for you.

What is wireless technology for and how does it work?

The physical means of propagation are in the past since the arrival of wireless technology. It has developed so rapidly that it is now widely used to establish wireless communication between computers on a network.

Next we will explain what wireless technology consists of , its usefulness and functionality in the framework of computing.

What is wireless technology?

Wireless technology refers to the communication that is established between two or more devices without the use of cables. It is also called ” wireless technology ” and does not need any physical media.

Wireless technology is relevant in Wi-Fi networks and in how some LAN networks work . With the rise of mobile telephony, wireless communication increased, as well as the use of geolocation equipment that is so useful for preserving the security of any country.

Still, you should be aware that mobile technology responds to another type of connection. You can learn more about what mobile networks are and how they work and their types with our guides on it.

What is wireless technology for?

Wireless technology is used to transmit information between devices in a practical and comfortable way. The freedom that wireless connection provides has made it very popular in the telecommunications arena.

Currently, Wireless allows a conventional connection, that is, it does not exceed 350 Mb / s. Therefore, you have some limitations for the data transfer to take place on the network.

Wireless is very useful in the business environment because it allows multiple computers to connect at the same time without incurring high costs, time and space for the installation of cables.

The signal is everything

Essentially, Wireless relies on the signal to maintain browsing speed. This can be a disadvantage if there are obstacles that could cause interference. However, the transfer of small data from short distances has no drawbacks, such is the case of the Bluetooth connection so frequent in mobile phones.

It should be noted that wireless technology allows the connection of other components of the equipment such as the printer, the webcam, the microphone or the keyboard, which is quite comfortable and practical for the user in addition to giving an additional point to the aesthetics of the environment because it reduces the use of cables.

How does wireless technology work?

Wireless technology works through electromagnetic waves that allow the transfer of data between the nodes that make up a network and all of them respond to the main network services . Therefore, a sender and a receiver are known. Each connection point where data arrives or is transmitted is called a port.

As the wireless connection does not use any physical means, it requires components called antennas that facilitate the transmission and reception of data. The antennas allow electromagnetic waves to travel, which can be infrared, satellite and terrestrial microwaves.

Infrared waves

They are very little used because they are limited in the presence of obstacles. They can reach up to 384 THz and are not suitable for wide environments.

Terrestrial microwave

The terrestrial microwave are highlighted by the use of access points that reduce interference. They can reach frequencies of up to 300 GHz so their range is kilometer.

Satellite microwave

Satellite microwaves operate through ground stations or receiving ports . The signal travels to the satellite before reaching the station to proceed to send and receive the data.

The truth is that wireless technology or Wireless is present everywhere and even in our home through routers . About this, have you ever wondered what is a WiFi router and what is it for ? We can answer this question very easily.


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