What is Variable Torque?

Variable torque is described as an engine’s ability to conduct power on a limited basis when needed. The motor senses a load and direction and more force to aid in the movement of that load. Conversely, it also signals the engine to remove power when too much power is detected. This is most often found in a car driving line system. In a car, the power is directed to one wheel when the other wheel is delayed to prevent the vehicle from getting stuck.

The automatic transmission in a typical family sedan is essentially a variable torque supplier. At lower speeds, the torque is enhanced by the transmission’s lower gear. As the vehicle speeds, the amount of torque needed to move the vehicle is reduced to the gearbox to a higher gear. The car’s speed increases as the torque decreases.

The amount of torque needed to keep an object moving is less than the amount of torque needed to move the object. A variable torque motor is capable of adjusting the amount of torque applied to the object. With variable torque, saves fuel and drives more efficiently.

Hybrid cars use a variable torque system to decide which power plants to use. As the engine senses a large portion of the load, such as starting to move an object, the variable torque sensor turns the vehicle into gasoline power. When load sensors read a drop at the required torque, the electric battery motor turns on. This variable torque engine method saves gasoline as well as cleaner exhaust pipe emissions.

Variable torque driving systems have been used in snowmobiles and ATVs for decades. The car’s torque converter operates a clutch mechanism in the form of a belt. As the vehicle speed increases, the belt moves on the torque converter as it sinks into the clutch. This effectively changes the gear ratio in which the engine is operating as well as varies the amount of torque it is producing.

The aircraft has the ability to vary the torque by regulating the pitch of the propeller blades. The blades are adjusted for maximum torque at take off and then springs out for speed when the aircraft reaches its marching height. Variable torque is also used to brake or stop a vehicle. Compression brake, or Jake Brake as it is known on a semi truck, uses the engine’s compression and torque to brake the car and save the brake shoes.

  • In most cars and trucks, the transmission system has a fixed number of gears that can be used at different speeds.
  • Variable torque drive systems have been utilized in ATVs for decades.

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