What is the Windows Network Diagnostic Tool and what is it for?

Undoubtedly, today, human beings frequently use Internet access , but what happens when our team does not want to access it? It is a problem that is in no way pleasant and therefore tends to annoy the user who is executing said action.

In most cases, this problem has a solution, so much so that we could calculate a probability of 80%. Since a large part of these problems is due to the misconfiguration of the computer , and for this inconvenience, Windows has developed the network diagnostic tool .

What is the Windows Network Diagnostic Tool?


When we talk about the Windows network diagnostic tool, we talk about a series of algorithms and protocols that the operating system executes to try to execute the immediate solution of the problem that may be causing the aforementioned problem.

This tool comes by default on the system. So you don’t need to do a Google search to download it. We could also say that it is the best, since other options are not usually successful in the activity and therefore culminate in a waste of time

What is the network diagnostic tool for in Windows?

The function of this tool, as its name implies, is to execute a small program that begins to evaluate and review all the components in the system that are related to the internet connection . Solving the problems that prevent access to it.

Normally, after executing it, we will have access to the internet again, and in contrary cases, it issues a series of options by which the user can choose to correct the problem. These options usually focus on problems with the computer hardware.

How to access the Windows Network Diagnostic Tool?

Some novice users often think that accessing this tool can be a very tedious process, but the reality is completely different. Since one of the accesses to the tool can be viewed when our browser shows network failures.

Another method of accessing this tool is through the operating system control panel , which we can locate when we open the start menu, in the right column, in the fifth option from bottom to top. Then, we access the “Networks and internet” option .

In the new interface we click on “Network and Sharing Center” , then we select the option “Troubleshoot” and then we choose “Internet connections” . After the last option, the system will automatically start to run the diagnostic.

What are the most common problems or causes of a computer when it does not connect to the Internet?

There are a considerable number of problems that prevent access to the Internet, among the most common is the misconfiguration of browsers . Normally associated with when people without experience in surfing the Internet, tend to move some options, accidentally.

Another common problem is the infection of the computer with a computer virus, this is because some of these malicious programs leak into our system with that particular objective. Another common case is the disconnection of the cable in the equipment, whose solution is to reconnect it.

In short, there are many reasons to know about the tool, since although the problem may be deceiving and seem a little tiny, the repercussions can be enormous. And therefore, learning about the causes does not hurt for him or the users.

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