What is the Red Army?

The Red Army was a Russian army consisting mainly of workers and peasants. It was created after the Russian revolution in 1918 by the Council of People’s Commissars. The “red” color was used to refer to the army because it symbolized the struggle for liberation from oppression. The Red Army was often called the Reds. During the recruitment process, citizens volunteered and were admitted if they were 18 or older. Those who were successfully admitted were guaranteed. The formation of the Red Guards was necessitated by the collapse or fall of the Imperial Russian Army, which had been overwhelmed by the Germans and was therefore fleeing to save its life. The name of the

Military Education

The commander’s cadres received their training from the Academy of Staff of Nicholas in Russia. On the other hand, senior army officers, like the senior and supreme commanders, were trained in Advanced Courses for the Supreme Command. The well-structured formation of the Red Army army was one of the factors that led to its success. Another strategy that was used to their advantage was their ability to convince some White Guards to go over to their side, thus providing excellently trained and experienced officers to their military teams.

Red Army at War

The war that was fought exclusively by the Red Army was the Russian civil war. This war was between the Bolsheviks and the old remnants of the Russian army. The two opposing groups became known respectively as Red Guards and White Guards (Bianchi). Immediately after their 1919 victory, the Reds began to drive away the White Guards from Russia. They succeeded and the Civil War ended in 1920. During the war, 17 million people died due to famine, illness or war. Furthermore, great atrocities were committed at that time. At one point the Whites had to flee to save their lives; about 150,000 of them by sea. The Red Army outnumbered and supplied the whites during the war. As a result of the war, Russia’s economy was severely damaged. D ‘ on the other hand, nations like Lithuania, Finland, Latvia and Estonia have received acceptance as independent states. A notable explanation for the success of the Red Army was the presence of the military command, unity and strict obedience to orders. They also took advantage of the exaggerated line in battle.

Challenges faced by the Red Army

The main disadvantage faced by the Reds was the small support they received from neighboring countries and internationally. Whites were supported by English, Americans and Siberia. At the time, the first Calvary was led by Semyon Budenny. Later, Budenny became defense minister of the Soviet Union. So the second challenge was the fact that most of the Red Army members were new to the war when it was called to serve.

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