What is System Analysis?

System Analysis or System Analysis is a technique or method of solving problems by breaking down the system into its constituent components to find out how these components work and interact with each other to achieve the goals of the system.

System Analysis is usually done in making System Design. System Design is one step in problem solving techniques where the components forming the system are combined to form a unified whole system. The results of the System Design is a picture of the system that has been improved. Techniques of this System Design include the process of adding, removing, and changing the components of the original system.

System Analysis Steps

The steps in the system analysis phase will be almost the same as the steps that will be taken in defining system projects that will be raised in the system planning stage. The difference lies in the scope of their duties. In this system analysis, the research that will be carried out by the system analysis is detailed research, while the system planning is only preliminary research

In the system analysis stage there are some basic steps that must be performed by the system analyst, as follows, namely:

  1. Identify, is to identify the problem
  2. Understand, is understanding the work of the existing system
  3. Analyze, is analyzing the system
  4. Report, is to make a report on the results of the analysis

Purpose of System Analysis

The purpose of information system analysis is to design new systems and improve existing systems. Following, the objectives of financial analysis include:

  • We can make a decision if the current system has a problem or does not function properly and the results of the analysis will be used as a basis for improving the system.
  • Know the scope of work to be signed
  • Identify problems or look for problem solvers
  • Study the current system.


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