What Is Surfshark VPN;Adavantages of Surfshark VPN

What Is Surfshark VPN.VPNs can be useful for several reasons: to surf safely, have a different IP than the one made available by your provider and much more. Check out Surfshark VPN’s offer.

Today we talk about cyber security and personal data protection when surfing the Internet . Unfortunately, however, as often happens, it is the users who use the network every day for work or leisure who do not know how to protect themselves while browsing. In this article we will talk to you about VPNs , briefly explaining what they are and recommending Surfshark VPN as a good service to try to improve your online security .

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  1. VPN or virtual private network: what are we talking about?
  2. Surfshark VPN: privacy and security first
    1. Access the Netflix catalogs of other countries
    2. What else can you do with Surfshark VPN

VPN or virtual private network: what are we talking about?

VPNs or virtual private networks are interconnection networks that users can establish among themselves using a public transmission protocol, such as the Internet or radio network.

That said, the concept may seem quite complex for those who are not computer savvy, but actually understanding how a VPN works is quite simple and explaining it with an example will help us better understand what we’re talking about.

At the university or in a company it is possible that a computer network may be created that allows access to files shared between members of the organization (i.e. between students or employees), which can be accessed by connecting via a LAN network or an organization’s Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, anyone wishing to access such data externally would not have the possibility to do so, not being physically in that place to be able to connect to the computer network via the organization’s LAN or Wi-Fi connection.

By means of a VPN all this becomes possible: the connection via VPN acts as a “virtual” tunnel and using the public Internet protocol allows access to the computer network as if the connection were made locally (by means of a Wi-Fi) allowing access to an organization’s privatized network.

But a VPN can also be useful for several reasons for those who do not have a company or do not need to build a private network within a school organization . In fact, VPNs allow anyone to protect their privacy and all the data we usually leave online while we browse. A virtual private network allows you to:

  1. connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel;
  2. protect your connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots;
  3. hide your IP address and browse anonymously.

Not only that, as we will see shortly by illustrating the potential of the Surfshark VPN, you can disguise your IP address and access exclusive content on different streaming services, such as Netflix, by accessing the platform’s catalog for any other country other than yours.

There are several VPNs to which you can subscribe, all offer similar services, but the difference as in many other sectors is made by two factors: quality and price. We have tested several and have chosen to recommend Surfshark VPN to you today.

Surfshark VPN: privacy and security first

Surfshark is a VPN that offers a good quality of services at relatively low prices compared to the market average . The company based in the British Virgin Islands has over 1000 connection points (servers) in more than 60 countries around the world. This is a first strong point of the service as part of the browsing speed is linked to the distance between the place where we are and the server we decide to connect to to browse through the VPN.

As you can read from the opening message on their site, “Protect your digital life” , the strength of Surfshark VPN is privacy and security.

The VPN uses secure IKEv2 / IPsec protocols and AES-256 encryption that guarantees browsing in complete safety, for example when connecting to public hotspots or performing online banking operations. When considering the vulnerability to privacy issues commonly found in similar products, Surfshark VPN is definitely a viable alternative on the market. In addition, it is equipped with a Kill switch system , a mode that immediately disconnects from the network in the event of a connection failure, in order to prevent the loss of sensitive data.

The prices of Surfshark VPN is a pleasant surprise. In fact, if for the monthly subscription the cost may seem high (€ 9.89 per month), the annual subscription (€ 4.99 per month for twelve months) is in line with the competition and for the service offered we guarantee that it’s worth it. The surprise, however, is the possibility of subscribing to a 24-month subscription for only € 1.79 per month!

This is an offer that when compared to that of the most famous competitors is much better.

Access the Netflix catalogs of other countries

good news for streaming enthusiasts who love to watch movies and TV series on portals like Netflix is the ability to access the catalogs of other nations by using a VPN .

By opting for Surfshark VPN it will in fact be possible to connect to the platform with another IP address, for example by connecting to a server in the United States, thus being able to access the American Netflix catalog.

As you well know, Netflix (and other streaming services) have a personalized offer for their audience in each country and many of the films or TV series available in one country may not be in the catalog of another country.

So a VPN can be useful for “circumventing” certain constraints and enjoying movies and TV series not available in your country without any risk . In fact, Netflix has never expressed itself freely on the use of VPNs to circumvent these blocks so, at the time of writing, there is no risk of receiving a ban or a block on your account.

What else can you do with Surfshark VPN

In addition to providing an extraordinary level of security when browsing, Surfshark VPN’s features are really interesting to discover.

A system that not everyone makes available when we talk about VPN is the “MultiHop”, that is the possibility of connecting to multiple servers in a chain , bouncing the origin of the connection from time to time. Surfshark thanks to private DNS can offer a “MultiHop” mode that helps to maintain anonymity, ensuring a chain of connection to multiple servers that makes it even more difficult for anyone to follow your tracks.
Finally, the No-log policy is equally appreciable : given the geographical location of the company (Virgin Islands), Surfshark ltd is not required to monitor or archive the online activities of users who use its VPNs, so there are no logs of the connections or activities .


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