What Is Sims 2 Windowed Mode

hange the properties of the shortcut to disable full screen mode

The Sims 2 and expansion packs usually run in full screen mode. This means that when you play the game, the screen fills the entire display, hiding the computer and other windows.

However, if you prefer not to run The Sims 2 in full screen mode, there is a way to make the game appear in a window rather than full screen.

This “window mode” option leaves the desktop and other windows visible and easier to access, and also keeps the Windows taskbar just a click away, where you can switch to other programs or games, see the clock, and so on. .

Sims 2 Window Instructions

  1. Find the shortcut you use to launch The Sims 2. This is most likely on your desktop, where it appears by default when the game is first installed.
  2. Right-click or press and hold the keyboard shortcut, and then select Propertiesfrom the menu.
  3. In the “Shortcuts” section of the “Target:” field, go to the very end of the commandand insert a space followed by -window (or -w ).
  4. Click or tap the OKbutton to save it and exit.

Open The Sims 2 to try out the new window shortcut. If The Sims 2 reopens in full screen, go back to Step 3 and make sure there is a space after the normal text before the dash, but no space between the dash and the word “window”.

Tip: This also works with many other games that run in full screen mode. To check if a particular game supports window mode, just follow the steps above to see if it works.

Return to full screen mode

If you decide you want to return to playing The Sims 2 in full screen mode, repeat the same steps as described above, but delete “-window” from the command to cancel the window.


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