What Is Rectal Suppository,What Are The Procedure For Applying Suppository

What is Rectal Suppository.It is a form of rectal medication mainly for local effects and sometimes for general effect. Usually it is solid at room temperature. When introduced it melts at body temperature and produces local effect.

Type of Suppository

  1. Glycerine Suppository : This is a evacuant suppository used for starting defecation reflex. This is available in two forms adult and child. It acts as hygroscopic agent slowly causing evacuation by withdrawing fluid from tissue.
  2. Bisacodyl Suppository:This is also a popular evacuate suppository. 10 mg suppository is available. This procedure is based on peristalsis in large bowel by reflex action by contact with mucosal nervous plexus. A combination of Bisacodyl two tablet (10 mg each) orally at bedtime and a 10 mg suppository following morning is Routinely followed in many hospitals in place of preparative enema.
  3. Retained Suppository: Aminophylline suppository is given for retention in rectum to produce general effects – of aminophylline by way of absorption in case of Bronchial Asthma.

Anaesthetic Suppository—Thiopentone is used sometimes as suppository to cause anaesthetic effect in children as alternate route to intravenous route.

Steroid Suppository

Hydrocortisone is used as suppository to produce desired effect in case of practices and ulcerative colitis.

Procedure for Applying A Rectal Suppository And Ways To Insert Suppository Properly

  • Inform the procedure to the patient.
  • Put on a sterile gloves on hand.
  • Lubricate suppository with warm water or by a lubricant solution.
  • Lubricate the anal area by inserting a lubricating finger.
  • Bring the patient to lei’t lateral position.
  • Insert the suppository gently into rectum. Pass the internal anal sphincter muscle nearly 8 cm into rectum or approxi­mately one index finger length. Ask the patient to take deep breath.
  • Apply pressure over area and hold buttocks together for short time.
  • If the suppository is evacuate for evacuation of bowel put bedpan under buttock as the patient may desire at any time to pass stool. If the suppository is retained one instruct the patient to retain it for 20-30 minute till it com­pletely melts to cause desired effect even if he feels to pass stool.
  • Record the procedure in chart.

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