What Is Real Estate In Law;5 Facts You Must Know

What is Real estate; It is referred to in technical terms, defined as land and all structures permanently affixed to land. All other property, such as automobiles, jewelry, stocks, and cash, is called “personal property” or ‘personalty.” From a legal standpoint, therefore, all property is classified as either real property or personal property. The distinction is important because in many situations the law governing or affecting real property is different from the law governing personal property, and a different result will be obtained depending on whether the property in question is real property or personal property.

What Is Real Estate In Law;5 Facts You Must Know

In some instances, it is difficult to determine whether a given item Of property is real or personal. For example, a window air conditioner that has been built into the window frame could be viewed as being either permanently affixed to a building, and therefore considered real property, or not permanently affixed, and therefore considered personal property. Historians and sociologists may debate the reasons, but no one with deny that the desire of human beings to possess and control land has been a dominant force in the development of civilization.

Among various cultures, the need to use land for survival has resulted in strikingly different social and legal patterns. Our own concepts of ownership and property rights are by no means the necessary or logical result of such desire and need. Many societies, including many American Indian tribes, have had no concept of “ownership” of land, but only of rights of use, often common to an entire tribe. Other societies have stressed the stew/ hardship concept, which assumes that the present user of the land has am Obligation to society and to future users to maintain the property and not permit it to go to waste.The real estate companies play a key role in bringing together the interest of real estate owners in selling or renting their property and the desire of the applicants to acquire or lease such property.

What Is Real Estate;How Can A Real Estate Estimate Be Made?

The real estate estimate is therefore based on the analysis of a series of simple data relating to the property of interest, such as  square footage, the number of rooms that distinguish it, the plan, the presence of balconies, terraces, gardens and more.Real estate appraisals can be carried out easily even on the internet: different online resources allow you to know the indicative value of your property by specifying some data concerning it. 

Making an estimate can be very useful, therefore, however, as mentioned above, if you need a more precise data, for example where you are about to propose your property on the market, it is strongly recommended to carry out a real estate valuation of a professional nature.

A cash flow, with predicted future cash balances should be implemented in the company for the competent management.The challenge of managing working capital is mainly due to the occurrence of the following factors:

a) Variation of the various costs absorbed by the company;

b) Financial expenses arising from loans and / or financing;

c) Delay in the generation of revenues from sales and leasing inter-mediation;

e) Sales volume below expectations.

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