What is QR code scanning

Most likely, a QR code scanner is already installed on your phone by default , you can easily scan the first QR code with it. This is very easy to do. Just follow our instructions.

  1. Open the QR code reader on your phone.
  2. Hold the device over the QR code so that it is clearly visible on the screen of your smartphone.

If you hold your smartphone correctly over the QR code, then the following will happen:

  • The phone scans the code automatically.
  • In some code scanning apps, you have to click on an image, not a button as you would to create a photo on your smartphone.
  1. Press the indicated button, if required.

Super! Your smartphone reads the code and follows the specified link, which does not always happen instantly. On most devices, this may take a few seconds.

You will start to see QR codes all over the place. They are used for teaching, informing, explaining and many other things. Find them and scan them! QR codes will save you a lot of time and effort.

How to scan QR codes on Android

Now we are going to show you how to use the QR code scanning app on Android.

1. Open the Play Store .
2. Search for a QR code reader .
3. Select QR Code Reader (via Scan).
4. Click Install .
5. Open the QR code reader .
7. Point the camera at the QR code.
8. Click OK .

Step 1 . Open Play Store on Andro /> icon in app or home screen.

Step 2. Enter the QR code reader in the search engine. A list of QR code reader apps will appear.

  • This article explains how to use QR Code Reader, but you can choose which app you like. Just be sure to read about the app before downloading.
  • The steps should be the same for all QR code reader apps.

Step 3. Click QR Code Reader developed by Scan. The developer’s name is listed below each app. You may have to scroll down the page to find the app made by Scan.

Step 4. Click Install. A popup will appear asking for permission to access information on your Android.

Step 5. Click “Accept”. QR Code Reader will now be installed on your Android device.

  • When the application is downloaded, the “Install” button will change to “Open” and you will have a new icon in the application.

Step 6. Open QR Code Reader. It’s an icon that looks like a QR code in the app. An application will open that looks like a standard camera screen.

Step 7. Align the QR code in the camera frame. A bit similar to how you take photos, except that you don’t have to press any buttons. When the barcode scanner reads the code, a popup will appear with the URL in the code.

Step 8. Click OK to open the website. This launches your default web browser and navigates to the URL in the QR code.

Today you can stumble upon a pattern of black and white squares in the most anticipated and unexpected places. In order to understand how to use a QR code, you need to know what this technology is, why it is needed and what conveniences it offers to users. How to open the encrypted information that such a barcode carries, what is needed for this and what requirements a mobile gadget must meet. Let’s look at everything in order.

What is QR Code

A QR code is a 2D barcode that contains encrypted useful information. It can be found on labels in a store, various receipts, on pages of Internet services, in museums and even on architectural monuments. The cipher is so versatile, its possibilities are endless, that it can be of different sizes and can be applied to any flat surface without any problems.

The abbreviation QR code stands for “quick response”. Modern technology is very convenient for use in various fields, allowing you to quickly access the information you need. You can read the encoded information from a black and white square using a smartphone or tablet camera, on which a special scanning program is installed.

Using a special program, you can encrypt any information: sales receipt, Internet link, contact information, website addresses. The scanned code flips the user according to the encoded information, if it is a website address, it instantly opens in the browser. An encrypted text file, photo or image is immediately displayed on the gadget display. Sales receipt – will give the opportunity to go to the manufacturer’s resource, open access to a promotional coupon or take advantage of a discount.


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One of the main advantages of a QR cipher is the speed of information retrieval. This quality was appreciated by commodity producers and the banking sector. It has become much easier for consumers to make payments for purchased goods, simply by scanning the code, no longer need to use a bank card, enter details or a pin code. A QR technology placed on an advertising site instantly takes the user to a page to place an order or make a payment for a product.

The universal technology is widely used, is very popular, offering users comfort, reliability and security in carrying out any financial transactions.

What you need to scan a QR code

The technology can be used only after a special application has been installed on Android, iPhone or iPad. The principle of operation is to scan and decrypt information from a QR service. After scanning, the program displays the decoded result on the display of the gadget, the whole operation takes just a few seconds.

Instructions for beginners:

  • Install a special application for scanning on a mobile gadget with a camera;
  • focus the camera lens on a black and white square so that it is completely in the frame;
  • the scanned information will be displayed on the screen in a few seconds;
  • if the information is not displayed automatically, press the “Snapshot” function manually.

As you can see, for a full-fledged QR-square scanning, you need to have a modern mobile gadget with at least one working camera, as well as an installed program for recognizing encrypted information.

How to use

For example, we will use a smartphone from a well-known company Huawei with a front camera and try to enter any popular Internet banking using a scanned cipher. Step-by-step actions:

  1. Install the bank’s mobile application on your smartphone.
  2. Log in to the app.
  3. Click on the “Contactless” tab.
  4. Open the main banking web page on your PC.
  5. Point the camera at the QR square and scan.
  6. Welcome to your personal account.

The easiest way to pay for a purchase in a regular hypermarket:

  • download an application through which this outlet accepts payments via a QR code;
  • log in to the application;
  • aim the camera at the product label with the code, scan;
  • select the credit card linked to the mobile number of the smartphone, with which the payment will be made;
  • click “Pay”.

You can use QR technology for convenient online payment in Internet services. How does this happen:

  • log in to your online banking account;
  • select a product in the online store, place an order, click “Payment”;
  • in your personal account, select the “Services” section, then click on the “Contactless” button;
  • scan the code of the selected product;
  • confirm the payment.

All financial transactions carried out using QR code scanning technology are fast, reliable and secure. The widespread use of Hi-tech technology greatly simplifies, speeds up and reduces the cost of many processes, both making money payments and obtaining the necessary information.

QR code recognition software

Today, in the Internet space, developers offer a large selection of applications for recognizing information from a QR code, for gadgets with different operating systems. Let’s choose the most popular ones, which users prefer more.

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