What Is Problem?How You Can Solve It

What is Problem?A task that requires the achievement a goal, in the absence of clear knowledge about how to proceed.We are confronted with a problem when we want to achieve a goal and do not immediately know what set of actions we can take to achieve it.

What Is Problem?How You Can Solve It

As we go through life, we are constantly faced with problems, from doing crossword puzzles to planning a family budget to patching up an argument with a friend. By studying the ways in which people go about solving problems, we may be able to get some ideas about how we can improve our own problem-solving performance. Not all of our mental processes involve solving problems. Sometimes we already know exactly how to perform a task. For most of us, therefore, obtaining a soft drink or taking out the garbage is not really a problem,

Some problems are quite well defined: both the givens and the goal are clearly specified. For example, the problem Of preparing all of the dishes in a meal so that they are ready are the same rime has a clear starting point (all of the ingredients are present but unprepared) and a clear goal (to have all the dishes ready at about the same rime. Many of the problems of daily life are ill defined, however: neither the givens nor the goal is clear at the start.

In deciding what subject to major in, for example, a student is facing a problem, but just what the givens or the goals are may not be at all clear. In such cases, the givens and the goal may become clear only gradually, as the person undertakes the task. Most research on problem solving makes use of well-defined problems, such as various games and puzzles, as a way of learning more about the processes people use to solve problems of all sorts.

What Is Problem? A Universal Secret For To Solve Problem

The first step in solving a problem is to define it as clearly as possible. The problem solver must begin by forming a clear mental representation of the givens. Sometimes this mental representation is in the form of sentences and ideas (such as a list of the dishes needed for the meal we want to prepare), and sometimes it is in the form of mental images or pictures. It often helps to make a written list or diagram that summarizes a problem.

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