What Is Perfume Launcher

The perfume launcher, a product made in Argentina, was widely used in our country since 1906, mainly during the carnival season. Released in the air, it provided a pleasant odor and caused a sensation of freshness. However, some people started to use it in another way, for narcotic purposes: applying it on handkerchiefs and aspirating with the mouth.

It is composed of ether, chloroform and ethyl chloride, together with perfumed essence, being packed in tubes under pressure. Its use makes the person feel uninhibited, excited and with a feeling of “flying”, but for a very short time (less than a minute). Thus, the user tends to repeat the ritual several times. Confused thinking, lack of motor coordination, “softened” voice, drowsiness, amnesia, eye irritation, tinnitus, fainting and double vision – in addition to extreme anxiety and violence, especially in predisposed people; they can also be caused by their use.

As it alters nervous system functions and causes an accelerated heartbeat, the person may experience psychomotor retardation or even respiratory depression, seizures, cardiac arrest, coma or sudden death. In the long run, significant (and irreversible) destruction of neurons also occurs.

Although it does not cause physical dependence; psychological dependence, damage to health and risk of life, also considering accidents resulting from changes in the person’s perception and / or balance, caused this substance to be banned, in our country, from the seventies. Despite this, since its production in some countries is still released, this drug is smuggled with some ease; and it is, after alcohol, the drug most used by teenagers.

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