What Is lolo Drug

The loló is also called the smell or the smell of loló. It is a volatile product, composed of chloroform, ether and perfumed essence; and clandestine manufacturing. Due to its doubtful origin, it may contain other substances, capable of potentiating its toxic effects and making treatment difficult, in case of acute intoxication.

It is part of the group of drugs classified as inhalants, since its absorption occurs through the lung, from aspiration, through the mouth or nose. Research shows that such drugs are more used by street children and students; and are usually the gateway to other substances.

Its effects are similar to those of other inhalants, such as the perfume launcher: feelings of euphoria and well-being, which end quickly, inviting the person to aspirate the substance again. Slurred speech, wobbly walking and, in many cases, aggressiveness, are also typical. Some people may experience hallucinations, panic attacks, and / or acute anxiety; and, in more extreme situations, convulsions, unconsciousness, coma and even death.

Cardiac arrhythmia, apathy, involvement of the airways and respiratory system, kidney and liver problems, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, muscle injuries, mobility difficulties; in addition to apathy and memory problems, due to the significant destruction of neurons; are the risks that people who use the drug are often exposed to.

The chronic user exhibits behavior typical of addiction, such as the desire to use the drug at all times and loss of interest in activities that were once interesting. The abrupt interruption of use causes anxiety, tremors and insomnia: typical symptoms of the withdrawal crisis.


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